Friday, October 19, 2012

Too cute to spook in Easy LunchBoxes

Just as I thought using Easy Lunch Boxes for a second (and third and fourth) time did not disappoint! These lunch containers truly are easy! They are the absolutly perfect size. Roomy enough to add a great variety of foods, yet small enough that I don’t feel pressured to add un-needed items just to fill space, as I do with many of our other lunch containers.

After checking out some of the most amazing Halloween Bentos from The BentoBlogger&Friends blog hop I really felt inspired to add some Halloween spirit to my sweet girls lunches for today. I still don’t have a ton of supplies to make a really great spooky lunch, but I did pick up a few items at the store since my last attempt at a Halloween theme. I don’t think they cam out too bad. :o)
Same lunches again today. I’m on a roll!

Tiny princess A & K’s lunch 10/19/12 inner container lids off


And with inner container lid on


Here is what they had…
  • Granola bar halved and few Mott’s Medley fruit snacks in silicone pumpkin cup
  • S’mores trail mix complete with marshmallow monster on a pumpkin food pick. Face drawn with food safe markers
  • Carrots with candy eyes stuck on with a dab of cream cheese. Ranch for dipping in white contaier
  • Taco sandwich Jack-O-Lantern. Two oven baked tortilla pumpkin cutouts (Jack-O-Lantern features cut freehand) for the “bread”. Inside sandwich contents are just taco meat and cheese. I spread a very thin layer of refried beans on the insides of the tortilla chips to act as a glue to hold the “sandwich” together. Now, only my youngest tiny princess enjoys the beans. I’m hoping this detail will go un-noticed by my oldest tiny princess. ;)
  • Apple Cinnamon Gerber Graduate fruit puffs with a special candy ghost on top. I thought these really lacked the color they needed to make them pop so I added mock sprinkles using food safe markers.
  • Chobani Champions chocolate chunk yogurt with sprinkles

I also made my husbands lunch in Easy LunchBoxes, but it wasn’t very cute and didn’t really warrant a photo.;)


Some things I used to make this lunch


  1. Adorable Jeana! Thank you for posting, and so glad to see you're enjoying my EasyLunchboxes!

    1. Thank you for the compliment and thank you so much for creating such a great product! We absolutely adore them. In fact my husband has requested lunch in them everyday since we received them. :) They truly are awesome!!