Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Goodbyn Bynto is hard to resist!

Last Saturday while walking through Target, we spotted some Goodbyn Byntos!

Sure, we already have two, but the blue was so sweet. We don’t have a blue one. Now we do. ♥ Goodbyn Byntos are hard to resist….. plus I was a little bit excited about already “knowing” all about the product. It’s exciting to be on the the up and up of all the latest and greatest!

#Goodbynbynto Lunches. Goodbyn Byntos are hard to resist!

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By Sunday my tiny princesses were already begging for some Goodbyn Bynto lunches. I must admit…. I was excited to pack them, too!


We flipped a coin and tiny princess A got to use the new blue Bynto first. She had: Carrot coins, and a few tomatoes, ranch for dipping in the green sauce cup, all natural vanilla yogurt in the green Goodbyn sauce container, left over Mongolian BBQ from the night before with a cute panda pick to help her eat it, baby grapes and two raspberries, (we are still working on the fruit thing) two bite sized panda cookies, and a few honey wheat pretzel twists. ♥



Tiny princess K chose the green Bynto. She thought it looked nice wit the blue. I agree. Her lunch consisted of the same items, except she had a panda shaped PB&J cut using our CuteZCute sandwich cutter. She also had a cutie orange instead of grapes and raspberries. Bananas are really the only fruit K will eat. Sometimes applesauce, but I’m not sure if that counts. I recently gave her a cutie orange to try and though she could not bear to swallow it down, (due to the texture) she did however find that she really liked the taste. Now, when she asks me to pack her an orange, she will put a whole segment in her mouth and sucks and chews all the juice from it. :) So, while it’s not my ideal way for her to consume the fruit, it’s a lot better than her not eating it at all. ♥

Some things I used to make these lunches…

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  1. Beautiful meals! I also could not resist and bought a blue one.