Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How about some Go Green and Laptop Lunches?


We’re almost caught up! YAY! Here are some previous lunches that were created in Go Green and Laptop Lunch boxes. :) Copied and pasted from my facebook fan page. (which can be found HERE)

The "It's a good thing we got another new lunch box, because this is one boring lunch" Bento.
Allison's lunch 9/25/12
Turkey/butter sandwich triangles.

Carrots and a little dipper of ranch.
String cheese chunks
Veggie chips
S'mores trail mix
Mott's Medleys fruit snacks.
Frozen yogurt flower.
A juice emptied into the provided water bottle which came with the lunch box.
Packed in our new Go Green Lunch box. Review to follow once we use it a few more times. ♥

002 (2) Yes, I realize I spelled Bento wrong in my picture. ;)


The "It really didn't go as planned." Bento.
Today was school spirit day and I had so many intentions to make a glorious Purple and Gold lunch for my tiny princesses this morning, but we ran short on time. The result? A pretty normal lunch, but just for tiny princess A. Tiny princess K decided on hot lunch today. ♥
Tiny princess A’s  lunch 9/28/12

Yogurt melts and apple puffs.
Veggie chips.
S'mores trail mix.
Vanilla yogurt with purple and "gold" sprinkles.
Turkey/butter ice cream shaped sandwiches.
String cheese sliced length wise.
Packed in a Laptop Lunch Box.

003 (4)

The "An elephant never forgets!" Bento.
I like to prep my lunches in the evening before going to bed. It really helps our morning rituals run much smoother. Last night I got caught up in the season premier of Law and Order SVU, and I forgot to do lunch prep before falling asleep. :( My poor sweet husband went to work without lunch today, but my sweet tiny princesses wouldn't let me off the hook!

Tiny princess K’s Lunch 9/27/12
Turkey and cheese Elephant mommy and baby sandwich.
Gerber Graduates Garden Tomato Crunchers. Yes she is 6. It's just how she rolls!
Roasted sunflower seeds with sprinkles.
String cheese chunks.
Pickles. A new food for tiny princess K. She asked for exactly 3. Who am I to ignore that request? ♥
Peanut butter cheddar crackers.
S'mores trail mix. Perfectly counted out to make 6 teeny tiny S'mores. ♥
Mott's Medleys applesauce with more sprinkles.... cause we all know everything is better with sprinkles. We are really loving these Mott's Medleys food choices. A great way to sneak some vegetables into the bellies of my tiny princesses.
Packed in a Go Green Lunch box. Probably should have purchased 2 of these. A close second to the PlanetBox and I can see arguments taking place over this one.

003 (2)

The "I can't believe she tried the egg!" Bento.
Tiny Princess K’s  Dinner 9/21/12 (Late dance night. NO MORE FAST FOOD!!)
Cheese quesadilla with doggie cheese cutout.

Vanilla yogurt (with purple food dye. Sorry, I was tired of the white)
Crushed granola bar for munching and/or yogurt topping.
String cheese chunks with cute little doggie fork pick.
Mott's Medleys fruit snacks.... SHE LIKES THEM NOW!! :)
More of that awful unhealthy marshmallow popcorn. Just a little.
Now, the reason for the title..... last week if you would have handed K a hard boiled egg she would have looked at you like you were some sort of alien! She absolutely would have nothing to do with it! Strange foods = a no go! Today was a good mail day. (yes, more lunch stuff) one of the things I received was a set of adorable hard boiled egg molds. I didn't tell her about it. It was a surprise. "What's that bunny made from mama?" - "You'll have to try it to find out." She lifted it from the tray. "Maaaaommmm! It's an egg!" - "I know, but isn't it cute?" - "I guess so.... I wanna try it!" Guess what? SHE LOVED IT!!!

008 (2)

The World Animal Day Bentos

Tiny Princess A’s lunch 10/3/12

  • Turkey and butter Momma Elephant and baby sandwich
  • Gluten free popped corn chips. These are so yummy!
  • Grapes
  • Fruit puffs
  • Carrots with a side of ranch
  • String cheese

Packed in a Laptop lunch box



Tiny Princess K’s Lunch 10/3/12

  • PB&J Elephant momma and baby sandwich
  • Popped corn chips
  • Watermelon balls
  • Fruit puffs with sprinkles
  • Green Beans
  • Fruit leather
  • String cheese

Packed in a Laptop lunch box.


The Double Decker PB&J Bento

Tim’s lunch 10/7/12

  • Double decker PB&J halved
  • Roasted Peanuts
  • Homemade cheddar crackers
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • String cheese
  • Strawberry yogurt

Packed in a Laptop Lunch box.




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