Monday, October 15, 2012

The “There’s nothing special about this lunch!” Bentos.

Once again my tiny princesses are taking the same things for lunch. Their likes are so different I really didn’t think this would happen as much as it has been. Crazy what a little, “food play” can do for the tastes buds!
So here’s what for lunch today 10/15/12

Tiny princess A


Tiny princess K

  • Veggie Chips (unfortunately this is one of the only ways I am able to incorporate any little bit of vegetables in my girl’s bellies.) They really just aren’t cold vegetable fans. Occasionally you will see carrots in their lunches. Which they really don’t enjoy, but they tolerate to please me.
  • Animal crackers in silicone pumpkin cup
  • Salami and cream cheese pinwheels with a pumpkin food pic
  • All natural Brown Cow maple yogurt with ghost pumpkin and bat sprinkles.  Sprinkles aside…. this yogurt is to die for! Seriously heavenly!
Including one last picture of tiny princess A’s lunch all closed up wit the lid on. For some reason our blue Sassy box lid has never sealed correctly on the box. I’m not much of a complainer and our pink one works just fine so we just improvised by adding a hair tie (made by myself) around the lid and box. Plus it made the lunch so much more fun! Kind of like unwrapping a present. :o)
I have come across lots of Bento blog that try to list an online place to purchase each item used in making their lunches. I’ve decided to start trying this. All available info will be listed after the signature in each upcoming blog post. :)

What I used to make these lunches
Pumpkin food picks from local dollar store


  1. Digging this lunch. Packing for two picky kiddos must be hard! Especially if you're trying to pack them the same things. Keep up the great work.

    I personally have been trying to figure out how people are showing what they use in their lunches via amazon for a while and I can't figure it out. But it is neat!

    Happy Packing

  2. Thank you so much Tara! for this comment and the other! I'm just getting this blog off the ground so getting comments is super exciting to me!! :) Send me a email at and I'll let you in on the amazon link secret. ;) (lol! it's not really much of a secret!)