Sunday, October 14, 2012

Love to dance dinner and a muffin tin lunch!

My tiny princesses adore dance! We are at the studio 4 days a week and they still beg for more. Most nights we get out at a pretty decent time. However, Friday night is our late night. We are there from 5:00pm to 8:30pm. Now, let me tell you we are no strangers to late dance nights. My girls have been dancing for 5 years and almost every year we have had a “late night”. Would you believe that all those late dance nights of years gone by almost always included *GASP* The double “F” word!?!?!?! DUN-DUN-DUN…. Yup, fast food! YUCK! Well, guess what? They’re still going to get fast food, but it’s going to be, good fast food. Healthy fast food. Fast food made with a little bit a whole lotta of mommy lovin’! Don’t get me wrong. I’m no saint. Will my kids still get the occasional greasy burger and fries meals? Of course they will. Everything in moderation. Instead of once a week, maybe we’ll try once a month. I know my kiddo’s bodies will thank me for it and so will my wallet!

Now, on to the dinners!

Tiny princess dancer A and K’s dinner 10/12/12


Each princesses dinner contained the same items. Lately this has been happening a lot, which makes it much easier on momma! YAY! for easy!

  • Heart and “2” shaped cheese cutouts. (LOVE to)
  • Dance spelled out with homemade garlic bread/croutons
  • Pizza sauce for dipping
  • Checkered apple slices
  • Vanilla yogurt with star sprinkles cause my little girls are dancing stars!
  • Veggie chips
  • Clover container with shredded parmesan (the clover is to wish them good luck at all their upcoming dance competitions)
  • A couple of star marshmallows with swan food pick. (think black swan ballet)
  • Some sweet tarts for good measure

As if being a tiny princess and a tiny dancer wasn’t enough my girlies are also tiny cheerleaders! GO TEAM!!  Today was their last game of the season. :( Unfortunately it was cold, yucky, and rainy. We got to leave early and when we arrived home it was just in time for lunch! My girls LOVE to look at Bento blogs and pictures with me. One of the things that has really caught their eye is muffin tin meals. What is a muffin tin meal you ask? It’s an entire meal presented in a muffin pan! It’s great for portion control and sooo stinkin’ cute! How much more fun can it get?? Talk about a “Happy Meal”! Check out THIS blog for some ahhhmazing muffin tin meal inspiration!

Unfortunately all my muffin tins are old and gross and hardly an appealing way to serve food. Have no fear, even if your muffin pans are yucky you can still make a muffin tin meal. All I did was arrange some fun silicone baking cups on a plate and filled em’ up!

Wow! Again both girls received the same things in their meals! Here is what they had….


  • Bread and butter hearts
  • Chicken flavored noodles
  • Pretzel twists and string cheese
  • Carrots with ranch dip
  • Pudding with sprinkles

Here is sweet tiny princess K enjoying her lunch! I tried to get a picture of tiny princess A, but she doesn’t like her photo taken as much as K. :)





  1. Heya!
    My daughter just started her very first cheer class two weeks ago. We too have been using the dreaded fast food (or sometimes sit down restaurant) as our weekly treat to go along before her class. Mostly as a treat but to save me time since I goto school myself. I might try to pack something ahead like this and try to cut out a couple trips to Panda Express! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Happy Packing!

    1. My girls are loving it! They told me it's even more fun than a "real happy meal"! Their only complaint? There is no toy. Looks like I will be hitting up the Target dollar spot in my near future. What fun is a happy meal without the toy? Just in case you didn't see the other reply (cause I didn't know there was an actual reply button). Shoot me a message at and I'll tell you how to get the amazon links in your posts. :)