Monday, April 15, 2013

Bentgo lunch box review and belated Birthday lunch! (Well sort of)


Guess what? Give up? I’ll tell ya!

The ahhhhhmazing people over at Bentgo have generously sent me one of their super sweet lunch boxes to review!

I took the opportunity to use it a few times before conducting my review and let me tell you, I am so excited to share with you my results!

Here is my Bentgo exactly how it arrived to me just out of packaging box. Look, purple!! A perfect tiny princess color!! ♥♥ Don’t like purple? No worries! Bentgo offers some other really vibrant colors including:  Blue and Green, as well as a more neutral sophisticated grey.  


Out of the manufacturer's packaging, the Bentgo contains 8 pieces. These consist of: the top container with built in divider, bottom container,  top lid, bottom container and divider lid, which holds the included 3 piece plastic silverware set, and a nylon sealing strap. They even include a coupon code for a complimentary sealing strap should yours become lost or damaged.


The Bentgo is sleek, slender, stackable, and even has nesting capabilities for a great storage solution. Each container varies in depth and size creating the ability to accommodate perfect portion control!




The Bentgo is made from strong, durable, BPA-free & FDA approved food grade materials. It is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. All fantastic qualities to look for when searching for a great lunch box! The container lids are NOT leak proof, but both the top and bottom tier lids seal VERY well. I was able to pack food in each container attach the lid, turn it upside down, and give it a little shake. Nothing vigorous, but enough that if the lid didn’t seal it would have fallen off.  Each lid stayed put. You could VERY easily use the Bentgo as two SEPARATE lunch or snack boxes. That is always a plus when packing for tiny royalty with various likes/dislikes and appetites!


Okay, who’s ready for some lunch?!?! As I stated before I was able to pack quite a few meals in out Bentgo before writing my review. Since I knew my post would already be bearing photo album qualities I decided to choose just 2 for this review.

The first one was a lunch for myself and it was DELICIOUS!!


In the bottom tier I packed myself a yummy salad consisting of: romaine lettuce, sweet yellow peppers, strawberries and a few raisins. On the side in the light pink silicone cup I had a piece of fresh homemade garlic/dill bread and some olive oil and salad vinegar in the blue sauce cup. The top tier holds a cutie orange blossom with grape center, a few honey wheat pretzel twists, colby cheese chunks on heart picks, and some all natural vanilla yogurt in our Goodbyn sauce cup. YUM!


The next lunch was the lunch that tiny princess K took to school today. She turned 7 years old over spring break and was a little disappointed that she didn’t get a fun birthday lunch at school, so I decided to add a couple *very* small birthday details to brighten up her Monday a bit. ♥


In the bottom Bentgo tier she had: Heart shaped strawberries, carrot coins, ranch dip in the pink sauce cup, 2 slices of ice cream cone shaped Colby cheese (cut and stamped with a fondant press purchased from ebay), a few mini saltine crackers, Goodbyn sauce cup with all natural vanilla yogurt (I added some sprinkles for birthday fun), and 3 all natural chocolate chip animal cookies.


The top tier holds two adorable ice cream shaped PB&J sandwiches (cut with our lunchpunch sandwich cutter) complete with with sprinkles and a candy coated chocolate cherry! I adhered the sprinkles and and candy by spreading a thin layer of butter on the top of the sandwich. She also received 8 pretzel twists arranged on either side of the sandwiches.

One of the things I really LOVE about the Bentgo lunch box is that it fits perfectly in our regular lunch bags!


See that! Fits great! And upright, too!


In conclusion we give the Bentgo lunch box 5 out of 5 crowns! It’s fantastic lunch box and a great way to provide portion control as well as a very eco-friendly approach to meals on the go!

My only concern, which really is not a valid concern at all and has nothing to do with the quality of the product what-so-ever, is that I *think* the strap may be a little difficult for tiny princess K to get back on when she is finished. We’ll find out today! ♥♥

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Bentgo for allowing me this opportunity and providing there product for me to review!


Some things I used to make these lunches…



  1. Nice review! Good detailed pictures and the lunches look yummy!

  2. Great review - seriously - you make me want one! LOL

  3. What kind of lunch bag do you use? That is seriously adorable!

  4. The lunch box shown in this blog is very cool and attractive. I bet every kid will like it.