Monday, October 22, 2012

So easy a kid can do it… and some Halloween fun thanks to Molly’s Lunch box

About a week ago I entered my Pretty In Pink Awareness Bento into a giveaway contest held by Shannon of Molly’s Lunch Box on her facebook page.  Guess what? I won! She sent me the most awesome box of Halloween lunch making goodies you have ever seen! We received out box on Saturday and my tiny princesses couldn’t wait til Monday to use the items. My youngest insisted I make them Bento dinners that night!

Tiny Princess A and K’s dinner 10/20/12

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Here’s what they had…
  • Brown Cow Maple flavored yogurt colored orange to go in the silicone pumpkin cup
  • String cheese with witch ring from Molly’s Lunch Box
  • A few chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • Mini chocolate chip pancake muffin in silicone spider cup complete with candy eyes. Thanks to Tara from Project Lunchbox for the idea!
  • A bit of goldfish crackers to fill the spaces.
  • Cloth ghost napkin from Molly’s Lunch Box
  • String cheese
  • Salami wit bat pick from Molly’s Lunch Box
  • Organic baby carrots. A had ranch, but K, my ranch lovin’ carrot hatin’ girl decided she likes carrots now and that they are delicious without any dip at all!
  • “Green slime” applesauce with sprinkles

Packed in our Yubo lunchboxes. Also included in this meal are the adorable lunchbox love notes from

Yesterday both of my tiny princesses requested trying their own hands at preparing their meals Bento style. Who was I to deny that request?

Here are they’re meals which they prepared and photographed themselves.Well, actually I prepared the food, but they arranged it in they’re lunchboxes. I also allowed them to add their own coloring to their yogurts. If you know me at all… that last little detail went very against my OCD habits! ;)
Tiny Princess A’s dinner 10/21/12

She had…
  • Baked potato with extra pepper
  • Animal crackers
  • Half of a grilled horseradish cheeseburger which she cut using the fun bites cube it and then arranged it on the butterfly pick
  • Brown Cow yogurt with green coloring and sprinkles
  • A few goldfish crackers
  • Mott’s Medleys fruit snacks
  • Green beans
Packed in a Goodbyn  sandwich container.

Tiny princess K’s dinner 10/22/12

  • Baked potato with extra pepper no butter
  • The other half of the grilled horseradish cheeseburger. She had already eaten a few bites before she took her photo.
  • Under her cheeseburger skewer is a bit of ranch for dipping. Told you she was my ranch girl! ;)
  • Brown cow maple yogurt with green coloring and sprinkles
  • Green beans
Packed in a Goodbyn small meal container.



  1. I'm so glad your family liked the pancake muffins! They are such a hit at my house. All the pictures are lovely, so adorable. I definitely envy your lunches. Keep up the great work!

    Happy Packing!

  2. Your Halloween bentos are very cute!