Saturday, October 13, 2012

In the home stretch now!

YAY!! We’re finally almost caught up to the present day lunches!

First up is Tuesday’s lunch 10/9/12

Tiny princess A’s lunch

  • S’mores trail mix
  • Mott’s Medleys fruit snacks
  • Carrot with a little dipper of ranch
  • A few peanut M&Ms
  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • Salami and cream cheese sandwich

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Tiny princess K’s lunch

  • Potato soup in her thermos
  • Shredded cheese for her soup
  • Oyster crackers for her soup
  • S’mores trail mix
  • Mott’s Medleys fruit snacks

001 (12)

The “Too cute to spook!” Bentos.

My tiny princesses have been BEGGING asking politely for me to make them some Halloween lunches. I wanted to try to make it to the store so that I could grant this request a little easier, but alas I never made it. So, I had to work with what was on hand. I used to make hair bows for my girls (and for sale) and I remembered that I had some Halloween cupcake rings that I used to use for bow centers. Most of them already had the ring part snapped off, but I did manage to find a few still in tact! (BONUS) I picked up the pumpkin food picks last week at the dollar store and the spider and pumpkin silicone cups were one of the first items I ever added to my Bento making stash. The sprinkles in the pudding were meticulously picked out of a bottle of primary color sprinkles. ;) Now for the best part (and what they told me was the yummiest part of their lunch) The homemade ghost and black cat garlic bread/croutons. While browsing around the world wide web I have come across many Bento blogs. They are AHHHMAZING!! I mean truly an inspiration! Enter Another Lunch! This quickly became a favorite read! Her writing style is great and her lunches are fantastic! There are even recipes and tons of other information! Check out THIS post for the crouton recipe. They are delicious! We added a tiny bit of shredded parmesan to ours and it was sooo good!!!

Tiny princess A and K’s lunch 10/11/12

  • Chocolate pudding with sprinkles
  • Ghost and black cat croutons
  • Watermelon balls
  • Mini rice cakes
  • String cheese

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The “not very Halloweeny” Bento

Okay, so I didn’t put as much effort into lunch for the guy I love, but he enjoyed it anyway! ((LOVE))

Tim’s lunch 10/11/12

  • Strawberry yogurt
  • An apple a day keeps the DR. away
  • Mini rice cakes
  • Chocolate pudding
  • Peanuts
  • Colby cheese chunks
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

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  1. Adorable Halloween themes! I like that you used the cups and rings in a way that most people don't. Very creative.