Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The “Fishing for goldfish with pretzels.” Bentos.

*GASP* Yesterday, my youngest tiny princess came home and told me one of her friends told her that, her lunch wasn’t very cute today! #lunchtimefail? I had to redeem myself today. Once again both lunches are the same. I’m lovin’ this!!

Tiny princess A’s lunch 10/16/12


Tiny princess K’s lunch 10/16/12

Here’s what I packed
  • Apple sauce in a little dipper
  • S’mores trail mix (enough to make 3 teeny tiny s’mores)
  • Pretzel “fishing poles”
  • Cream cheese “bait” in the mushroom cup
  • Chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • Salami “boats” complete with boy and girl passenger food picks
  • Carrots with ranch in shooting star cup
  • Rice cake “Pond” with goldfish crackers
I absolutely cannot take credit for this adorable idea. I first saw the goldfish pond from a personal facebook friend whose daughter created this for her as a snack! I thought it was way too cute to not use in a lunch someday and today was that day. :o) All you need is a rice cake, some spreadable cream cheese with a drop of blue food coloring, and some goldfish crackers. The pretzel fishing idea came from HERE. I used cream cheese instead of peanut butter for our “bait”. I have another idea for this lunch so you may see it revised and revisited in the near future. ;)

What I used to pack this lunch

Sauce cups from http://www.allthingsforsale.com/

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  1. Totally Adorable! I had seen a picture of those cute little rice cakes on Pinterest, probably from your friend too. :) Such a cute idea. I doubt you could ever lunchtimefail. From what I have seen on the few posts I have read so far, you do a great job and your two little princesses are very lucky.

    Happy Packing!