Sunday, December 30, 2012

Soup for a chilly day

I really can’t remember which day theses lunches came from, but I do remember that is was chilly! Tiny princess K requested leftover potato soup and even though A likes all things potato, I can’t get her to eat this soup to save my life. Crazy girl! She had some snowflake sandwiches instead. ♥

For K, I added some potato soup to her littlest pet shop thermos and also filled up a sassy box with some shredded cheese, crackers, vanilla yogurt, and half a banana. She said this was her favorite lunch yet!


Want a fun tip on how to keep food hot in a thermos? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? This is something that I used to do a lot for tiny princess A, but for some reason I forgot all about it. That is, until I discovered MOMables. What is MOMables you ask? Well, it’s awesome, that’s what it is, but I’ll get to that in a minute. First we gotta talk thermoses….. In order to keep your food warm throughout the day simply fill your thermos with hot water (boiled water works best, but I’ll admit sometimes I just use the hot faucet water), replace the lid, and leave it sit for a good 5 minutes and heat up your desired contents, dump the hot water, add your food, lid it up and your good to go! I can’t believe I totally forgot about that trick, but I’m so happy that I found MOMables cause they reminded me again! ♥

So, I think you asked me what MOMables was right? Well, to sum it up shortly, MOMables is a preplanned school lunch menu program (by subscription), that literally takes the guess work out of the age old question…. “What should I pack for lunch?”  But guess what? It doesn’t stop at menu planning. Each week’s menu also includes awesome recipes, fabulous photos of each recipe, AND, wait for it…… A shopping list to help you plan the week’s lunches! That right there is worth it’s weight in gold!! FOR SURE!
I purchased a 3 months subscription and only wish I would have gone with a longer one. Mine is just about up and I fully intend to renew! At less that 25 cents per day I’m not sure how I can go wrong! The menus are awesome.
Not sure if MOMables is for you? Try it free for week. Go ahead, click the link. You won’t be disappointed. :)   MOMables

Alrighty, now on to tiny princess A’s lunch. Silly non potato soup lover! :p


Here’s what she had….
  • honey butter snow flake sandwiches
  • sweet yellow peppers with cream cheese for dipping. She doesn’t really love these, but she tolerates them just to keep her mama happy! ♥
  • vanilla yogurt
  • start shaped pretzels
  • chunked string cheese
  • packed in a laptop lunch box
Here are some things I did/used to make these lunches speical
  • fun cutters are great for sandwiches
  • colorful sauce/dip cups add great flair
  • add sprinkles to yogurt to make it festive
  • food/cupcake picks are great to help with eating finger foods and adds such sweetness
  • silicone cups are also great for color and keep food separated
Some thing I used to make these lunches…

Friday, December 28, 2012

Santa likes fun snacks too

Well, another Christmas has come and gone and even though I say this every year I think this one has topped them all. We enjoyed a fabulous relaxing day at home spent with my sweet husbands parents and grandparents. ♥ It was fabulous!

I don’t plan to do much fun lunch making over this holiday, (I’m sure there may be one or two. My girls most likely will request it.) but I do have a few lunches from the days leading up to break that I haven’t shared yet, so I’ll try to add a blog post here and there. :)

This one is a special one. A special request from my tiny princesses.
As we were getting ready to set out some milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, my youngest tiny princesses decided that he should get a bento style snack instead. I decided she was right. This is what she prepared for him. ♥



I think he really enjoyed his snack!



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A little holiday cheer and some baby steps!

These were supposed to be today’s lunches, but since a certain mama completely forgot that today was chicken sandwich day at school, they ended up being last night’s dinner instead. And to think, I was so proud of myself for pulling these together yesterday afternoon to achieve some natural light for photos AND to be one step ahead of myself this morning. Oh well, since what was to be today’s lunches was also last actual dinner it worked out just fine in the long run. ♥

Lately, it’s been weighing heavy on my brain that my tiny princesses don’t get enough fruits and veggies in their diets. It’s not that I don’t try, or that they don’t try for that matter. We just can’t seem to find many that are appealing to their tastes. Both seem to deal with a mild food texture issue. Sometimes, they enjoy the taste of something, but can’t for the life of them swallow it down. :(

I decided to try adding some frozen fruit to their yogurt in this meal to see if they would go for it. I figured they could try the fruit and if they didn’t like it they could just take it out leaving a nice natural flavor to their yogurt. Well, upon trying it, both tiny princesses couldn’t stand the texture. K couldn’t even swallow her raspberry, but A gave her best shot and got down a blueberry. We discussed whether they liked the flavor or not and both decided that they did, but they just didn’t enjoy chewing the “chunks” of the fruit. I think next time, I may try adding the fruit to the food processor first and then adding it to the yogurt. ♥babysteps!


Packed in our EasyLunchboxes here is what they had….
  • Bowtie pasta
  • Meatless spaghetti sauce for dipping
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Semi-homemade oversized garlic croutons
  • Brown Cow all natural vanilla yogurt
  • Holiday shaped pretzels drizzled with bit of milk chocolate

Some things I did to make these meals special…
  • Used a small cookie cutter as a stencil to make a parmesan cheese Christmas tree in the spaghetti sauce. I’m not quite sure if this was an epic fail, or not? Tiny princess A knew just what it was. Tiny princess K thought I was crazy. :)
  • Added a cute themed pick to the pasta. This is both a fun and fun and functional way to make a lunch special.
  • Before baking the bread for the oversized croutons I used a Christmas tree cookie cutter to match the theme of this meal.
  • Fun and colorful cups add a great touch. Go a step further by adding a themed sticker to the lid of you cups
  • Sprinkles in yogurt are a fantastic way to add a pop of coordinating color.
  • And of course you can’t forget your Lunchbox Love note from

Some things used to make these meals…

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Short sweet and to the point

Not much time to spare today, yet still a lot of lunches to share. ♥ I’m not going to be long winded today. (honest, I’m not!) All you get today is pictures. I’ll let the lunches do the talking. Have a question? Simple. Leave me a comment! :) I’d be happy to answer anyway I can.

First up…. today’s lunches. Packed in a Goodbyn Bynto and a GoGreen Lunchbox!



A couple lunches from last week…. Each tiny princess received the exact same items so no need to share each one. :) Packed in Planetbox Rover and Goodbyn Bynto.



Told you I could keep it quiet! That’s it I’m all done! Remember, if you have questions, just ask! ♥


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Missing our second home and how dance took over the “world”

If your just here for the lunches keep scrolling…. if you want to read the meaning behind them keep reading. ♥

Every year for the last 5 years we have taken an annual family vacation to to Florida to go to the happiest place on earth….. DISNEY WORLD!! This year was to be no different. We were all booked for the second week in January.

I know I’ve mentioned dance before. My tiny princesses ♥love♥ to dance. You may be wondering what dancing has to do with Disney and why I stated that we were booked for January? Well, this year not only one of my tiny princesses, but BOTH of them were asked to join the competitive dance team at our studio. Dancing competitively is nothing new for tiny princess A. She is going on her second year. It’s all new and exciting for K! And me? Well I am one proud mama!

Between the 2 tiny princesses we have… 1 technique tap class, 1 technique jazz class, 2 recreational tap classes, 2 recreational jazz classes, 2 recreational ballet classes, 2 recreational gymnastics classes, 1 recreational hip hop class, 2 competition jazz classes, and 1 competition tap class. Add em’ all up and you get… 14 dance classes, 4 days a week, 9 recital costumes, 3 competition costumes, 4 local regional competitions, 2 dance recitals, and 1 out of state national dance competition. Are you tired yet?  I am, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Last year we were minus 6 dance classes. The national dance competition was only one state over. Only about 2.5 hours away. Disney World was possible then. When we booked our Jan. 2013 trip we weren’t counting on tiny princess K being asked to join the competitive team. A wasn’t asked to join until she was 8. K is 6. The national competition this year is being held in Charleston, South Carolina. That’s over 14 hours away….. So now you know… How dance took over the “World”! (hey, I thought is was a pretty good pun!)
Now you are probably asking how this ties into lunch? Don’t worry go into to much detail.  I’ll let the lunches explain themselves! ;)


Since we can’t go to Disney…. I brought Disney to lunch!

Packed in our ever awesome Easylunchboxes the tiny princesses had the following…
  • holiday shaped pretzels with cream cheese for dipping
  • apple jacks cereal
  • mozzarella string cheese cut up
  • peppered turkey
  • vanilla yogurt
  • peanut butter crackers
Some things I did/used to make these lunches special…
  • added a sticker to a fun sauce cup purchased from bento USA
  • found the perfect lunchbox love notes from
  • fun mickey and minnie food picks to help eat the cut string cheese and keep rolled turkey from rolling about
  • various silicone cups to keep food separated
  • fun dollar store christmas tree container perfect for yogurt since it has a lid!

Want to make a similar lunch? Start here…

Thursday, December 13, 2012

All aboard for the BBF Holiday Ho-Ho-Hop!

Have you all wondered if I’ve still been making lunches this week? Don’t worry I have, but I decided not to post yet, as I used the last 3 lunches as an experiment to decide what to use for my very first BBF blog hop!! That’s right,  I am so, so, so excited to be participating in my very first Bento Bloggers And Friends Blog Hop! I mean who wouldn’t be excited to be a part of such a fabulous, talented, group, of fellow fun lunch makers?!

Out of my last 3 lunches, I decided that my 3rd lunch took the cake…… er, cupcake rather! :)
Are you ready for it? I have to admit I’m a little bit a lotta bit in love with this lunch! Our very favorite movie to watch and book to read at Christmastime is “The Polar Express”! I love the excitement it brings to my tiny princesses and the “belief” in their eyes!

So, here it is…. All aboard for our Polar Express Lunches! Complete with hot chocolate cupcakes and shiny silver bells….. can you still hear the magic? ♥


Packed in our Yubo Lunchboxes, these lunches contain…
  • PB&J Sandwich for K. Turkey for A.
  • A few veggie straws
  • String Cheese cut
  • Snowflake Ritz Crackers
  • Hot Chocolate Cupcake
  • Applesauce for K. Yogurt for A.

Here are some ways I made this lunch special…
  • Train shaped sandwiches were made using one of our Lunchpunch sandwich cutter from the VRRRM set
  • Small cutters to create the words “Polar Express” in A’s lunch and fun letter food picks in K’s lunch purchased from All Things For Sale.
  • Various silicone cups to keep food tidy and separated.
  • Cupckae/food picks to keep cheese from rolling around
  • Sprinkles add a great festive touch to yogurt or applesauce
  • Also included in this lunch is a silver ♪♫ jingle bell ♪♫ freshly fallen from Santa’s sleigh ♥
When I decided that I MUST make a Polar Express lunch for my tiny princesses, I knew that it HAD to have 2 things. A silver bell and some hot chocolate. For obvious reasons, I couldn’t put hot chocolate in their lunches. I though of maybe making some and putting it in their thermoses to take to school, but what fun is hot chocolate in a thermos and how could I make it look pretty to photograph with my lunch? Instead I decided to do some searching. Immediately cupcakes came to mind. Surely there was a recipe for hot chocolate cupcakes somewhere in the world wide web! I was right! Want to make your own hot chocolate cupcakes? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? You can find the recipe here. I followed the recipe exactly. Except for the frosting. I cheated there and purchased pre made butter cream and then added the marshmallow fluff. ;) Before you run off to bake your own, check out our photos for some mouth watering inspiration!




While we are already on the subject of The Polar Express and since this post is already bearing book length and photo album qualities, I though I would share the awesome experience my tiny princesses got to have 3 years ago.

Did you know that the real live train that the Polar Express was based on is called the Pere Marquette 1225? Did you also know that it resides very close to my hometown in Owosso MI? In Dec. 2010 my sweet princesses got up close and personal with said train! It was supposed to be our engine that took us to the North Pole, but a week before our trip in went in for maintenance. We were a tad bit disappointed, but still had a fantastic ride and were very grateful to have been so close to an awesome piece of history. ♥
Here is a photo of my tiny princesses in front of the Pere Marquette 1225. They look so tiny! 

2-8-10 006

Okay, that’s it for me, but don’t be disappointed. Click the button below to be taken to the next lunch in the hop, made by Jackie of Loving Lunches!

somethings I used to make these lunches...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Brrrrr….. It’s cold in here!

This week has been filled with lots of “chilly” lunches, so I of course wanted to keep it going for today. Which in a way is kind of strange since it really isn’t even winter yet! :) Oh well, no worries!
My sweet tiny princess K is well into her second year of Daisy Girl Scouts! ((LOVE)) Her fall product sales included the cutest little dark chocolate mint penguins. I knew I HAD to have these to add as a special treat in the princess’s lunches every once in a while.

Last night while organizing some of my lunch making supplies, a brilliant idea popped into my head! Okay, so maybe not brilliant, but I thought it was pretty clever, so I grabbed my cube it Funbites tool and a couple of EasyLunchboxes and got to work! At first my idea seemed to not work out that great. My sweet husband told me I was crazy and that my idea looked nothing like what I wanted it to. He went to bed. I proved him wrong. ;)

Surely you can see that this is an igloo sandwich…..


Packed in EasyLunchboxes, both princesses received the same lunch today, except K had cheese and A didn’t. Their lunches were a bit smaller than normal since in order to make the igloo sandwich they each got more than just one. I’d say about 1.5 each. To make the igloo sandwich I simply just used my funbites cube it. I had to get a bit tricky with the rounded top by first cutting a circle sandwich, then I cut it in half, (one for each princess) and finally I placed the cube over top just right and cut down. Cute, right? My husband is eating his words this morning. ;) They also each received a mint chocolate penguin peeking out of the igloo, standing on a bed of freshly fallen marshmallow snow, a little “snow” on the side, some vanilla yogurt with snowflake sprinkles, (in our awesome leak proof EasyLunchbox mini dippers) last, but not least they each got a few holiday shaped gold fish crackers. Wish I would have had two of the fish shaped silicone cups. That will teach me to not order two of everything next time I place an order at All Things For Sale.  I even included one fish sitting outside of the penguin’s igloo so that he could have “lunch” before he was lunch! :D
Here is tiny princess A’s lunch with a  Lunchbox Love note and the lid on her mini dipper. I chose the blue lid cause I thought it quite resembled an ice cube. ;)


Some things I used to make these lunches…

Thursday, December 6, 2012

It’s getting chilly!

The weather is finally starting to drop where it should be and the tiny princesses are sensing that the first snow fall will be just around the corner! Hopefully Mother Nature will not disappoint! :)
I have quite a bit to post today, so I’ll get on with it. The first set of lunches are from Tuesday. I debated whether to post them or not due to the horrible pictures. Same with Wednesday’s lunch for the guy I love. I got off my soap box about the picture thing though and have accepted that my photos are what they are! So…. here you ya go!!

Tiny princess A and K’s lunches 12/4/12
Exactly the same, except A got grapes and K got applesauce. Have you all figured out yet that these are pretty much the only fruits I can get these girls to eat? UGH! It’s very frustrating!


Here’s what they had…
  • Candy Cane Turkey Sandwiches
  • Grapes for A. Applesauce for K
  • Peppermint sugar cookie
  • Holiday shaped pretzels with mini peppermint marshmallows
  • A small container of Nutella for pretzel dipping.
  • They also each got a Christmas LunchBoxLove note! Get your own here!
  • Packed in a holiday cookie container found at Walmart! Proof that anything can be a Bento box!


I’ll admit it. I’ve been slacking on lunches for the guy in my life. He has been going into work sometimes at 4:30am. That is just waaaaay too early for me to get up in the morning! Don’t worry, he hasn’t been going hungry. Leftovers usually do the trick for him. This week though he had a normal time day so I was able to create him a fun lunch! Apparently this one was quite the talk of the lunch table at work! ;)


Just a hodge podge of fun colors and whimsical picks, and lots of love. here’s what he had…
  • Mozzarella string cheese cut into chunks and skewered onto sweet heart picks
  • Turkey and cheese sandwich. I found the fun bread stamp in the Target dollar spot. It came with two different stamps, but was actually $3 not $1. You still can’t beat though. How cute right? I colored the smiley face with some food safe markers
  • A few peanut M&Ms
  • Green grapes. Don’t you love the little tree trunk picks? You can find them here at All Things For Sale
  • Red grape tomatoes made to look like balloons with the sweet little balloon tie picks also from All Things For Sale
  • Silicone heart cup with some Gardetto’s snack mix. YUM! The little blue sauce cup has a little bit of butter to dip his snack mix in. (Yes, he has a major butter addiction)
  • Packed in a PlanetBox Rover. Also included some LunchBoxLove!
Now onto today’s lunches. Once again they are the same except for the grapes and the applesauce thing. ;)
Here’s what they had…
  • Small sauce container with a few princess fruit snacks
  • Crackers
  • Salami
  • Grapes/applesauce
  • String cheese chunks with a cute paper penguin pick
  • Dark chocolate mint penguin. YUM!
  • Vanilla yogurt in a snowman cup from a local dollar store. Now I now there is a slight penguin theme going on here, but I really though without the lid to the snowman cup the shape resembles a penguin quite well. :) I also added a few snowflake sprinkles to get that “chilly” effect.
  • Packed in our Goodbyn sandwich containers.

Some things I used to make these lunches…

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hoping for snow and craving Gingerbread cookies!

It’s been pretty warm here for the last couple days. Being December, in Michigan my girls are eagerly awaiting the first big snowfall and both have been asking when we will have our annual cookie making weekend!

I of course couldn’t give a definite day for either request they had, BUT I could incorporate them into today’s lunches!

Tiny Princess A chose the Gingerbread lunch. She had the following packed in an EasyLunchbox… A gingerbread man peppered turkey sandwich.  Vanilla yogurt in the cute gingerbread cup, (purchased from a local dollar store) flavored and colored with a bit of dark chocolate syrup.  I added a few sprinkles to create some gingerbread sprinkles, but per the great idea from Shannon of Molly’s Lunch Box I also included an individual cup of sprinkles that the princesses can add themselves at lunch time. The last thing in the large compartment of the EasyLunchbox was a few holiday shaped pretzels. The top side compartment has a yummy cookie that the girls made at Grandmas. (At least they got to do some baking) And last and probably least in A’s eyes some green beans.


Tiny Princess K got the same lunch with a snowman theme, (No chocolate added to her yogurt) and a peppermint cookie! :o)


Here is a shot of K’s lunch with the lid on her yogurt container! Isn't it cute?


Some things I used to make these lunches…

Friday, November 30, 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I promised myself I wouldn’t start making Christmas lunches until December, but when my tiny princesses saw that our new Christmas Yubo faceplates arrived yesterday, there was no getting around it for today’s lunch!! We only got one set of the Christmas theme so I just divided the set up and left the other side of our Yubos white. :)
Look at all this Christmassy cuteness!!!!
Now, we only got one set, so I just divided them up between the princesses and left the other side of their Yubos blank.
Now onto the lunches! YUM! Both tiny princesses had basically the same meal except A got grapes and K got applesauce. Other than that they each had… Vanilla yogurt colored with a bit of green food coloring so that it matched the sweet little Christmas Tree cup, I picked up at the dollar store. The tree star and presents are salami sandwiches that I colored with food safe markers. They also each got a couple of tree shaped white chocolate covered pretzels, some gingerbread men shaped mozzarella cheese, and a few snowflake shaped ritz crackers.

Some things I used to make these lunches…

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bigger is NOT always better!

I picked up these adorable princess boxes at one of our local dollar stores.


They are pretty small compared to some of our other boxes. In fact they really aren’t much larger than your average sandwich container.

Here they are stacked with some of our other boxes. From top to bottom they are… sandwich container, new princesses container, EasyLunchbox, Laptop Lunchbox, and a Planetbox.


See that? They’re pretty small aren’t they? Of course I could have easily used these just as snack containers for my tiny princesses, but I like a challenge. Today’s lunches prove that sometimes a small lunchbox packs a big punch!!

Today’s lunches in our new dollar store small snack sized box contained, vanilla yogurt with sprinkles in an Easylunchbox little dipper, mozzarella cheese flowers, (colby jack cheese for A) bread and butter roll ups, (I tired to add a bit of food coloring to the butter for a pretty rolled effect, but it didn’t really work) bow tie pasta with swirly candy food pick, “rose” rolled salami slices held together with a “magic wand” pick, small container of parmesan cheese, a couple of princess fruit snacks, and a Goodbyn sauce container of meatless spaghetti sauce for pasta dipping.


One of the best “tricks” I’ve learned from packing lunch for my tiny princesses this way is that when you purchase items from the grocery store that come in individual packets, it’s OKAY not to give your child the whole pack at once. When you add enough of a variety a little bit goes a long way. For example, the princess fruit snacks. Let’s face it, fruit snacks are not the most healthy of food options, but our kids love them. Am I right? Why not pack your child lots of other options and split up the pack of snacks. This allows your child to still get what they love and not to mention makes items such as this go a looong way! For this lunch I opened up a pack of princess fruit snacks and divided them (4 each) among my girls. They’re happy. I’m happy. My wallet is happy. Now a box of fruit snacks lasts us 2-3 weeks opposed to just 1! Win, win, win!!


Some things I used to make these lunches…

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The frog prince

My tiny princesses are GIRLY!! They walk girly. They talk girly. They sleep girly. Heck, my littlest tiny princes even stomps away angry in a very girly manor. No joke. When she gets upset with the husband or I she turns around and does the cutest most adorable little, half stomp, half skip thing you have ever seen. It almost makes you forget why you were angry in the first place. You can only imagine that my poor sweet husband gets his fair share of all things pink and pretty. When the tiny princesses asked me yesterday if Daddy would get a “princess-ified” lunch, I decided to take a different approach.

In the large section of an EasyLunchbox he had, a frog shaped PB&J, (cut with our sand-wishes lunchpunch) some smaller stamped circle sandwiches,  cheese with pink frog pick, few pieces of a beef stick on heart skewers, and some letter cheese crackers to spell K-I-S-S M-E. The top smaller section has some roasted edemene and the lower section has an EasyLunchbox mini dipper of applesauce.


Some things I used to make this lunch…