Friday, October 5, 2012

Pretty in pink! An awareness Bento.

I’ve decided to take a break from my “catch up” posts, so that I could share today’s VERY special lunches!
I’ve been researching ways to try and achieve a bit more traffic to my new blog. Enter the Bento Blog Network. While browsing I discovered that this blog holds weekly themed linkie parties for fellow Bento creators. This weeks theme? Favorite color. When I asked the girls what color lunches they would like they both shouted, “PINK!!!” Well, of course it was pink. Did I really think my royalty would choose any other color? Tiny princesses LOVE pink! Nuff said.
While coming up with ideas for pink lunch items, my oldest tiny princess stated that the secretary at her elementary school was diagnosed with breast cancer. The girls just adore this woman and tiny princess A decided that not only should their lunches for today be pink, but they should also represent breast cancer awareness. {LOVE}

Tiny princess A’s lunch 10/5/12 Packed in a Goodbyn small meal container

  • Pink bear silicone cup with roasted sunflower seeds and pink star sprinkles.
  • Alternating pink and white star shaped marshmallows.
  • Strawberry wafer cookies.
  • Small pink silicone cup with one lone watermelon ball and pink kitty food pick. Why just one you ask? I’ve been encouraging my tiny princesses to start exploring foods that they don’t normally care for. I think I’ve mentioned before, but neither one is too keen on fruits or vegetables. Together we made a pact that there would be one thing in their lunches everyday that is not on their top choice of foods. They are to eat said one item before enjoying any other part of their lunches. I’m hoping at some point they will return home and exclaim that they actually like the food. We shall see. :)
  • Goodbyn dip container with vanilla yogurt colored and flavored pink with a small amount of strawberry syrup. As I was constructing these lunches last night I decided that these dip containers resembled super woman symbols. I don’t think there is any other woman more deserving of the super woman title than one who has lost her life, survived or battled with cancer. The super woman “S” is made with pink lemonade taffy.
  • Turky/butter sandwich rolls topped with a bit more taffy in the shape of an awareness ribbon.

Tiny princess K’s lunch 10/5/12 Packed in a Goodbyn sandwich container

  • Pink silicone heart cup with strawberry wafer cookies.
  • Small pink silicone cup with one lone watermelon ball and kitty food pick.
  • PB&J sandwich rolls with awareness ribbon taffy.
  • Roasted sunflower seeds with pink start sprinkles.
  • Pink silicone heart cup with alternating pink and white star marshmallows.
  • Super woman vanilla yogurt flavored and colored with strawberry syrup.
And just so my sweet husband didn’t feel left out, he received a pink lunch today as well, but his was a bit different. ;)

King T’s lunch 10/5/12 Packed in a sistema  lunch container purchased at Old Navy

  • BBQ chicken and cheese sandwich with pink lemonade taffy “I ♥ U” I know this taffy is not very healthy, but I think I am going to purchase it in some additional colors. It’s great for adding sweet decorative touches. Everything in moderation… that’s my motto. :)
  • All natural gluten free popcorners popped corn chips. Sooo yummy!
  • Strawberry yogurt.
  • Mott’s Medleys cherry berry applesauce.
  • Strawberry wafer cookies.


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  1. So so pretty! Thanks for linking this up to Bento of the Week at BNN! I hope this helps increase your blog traffic. I also have a new meme that I started at my Diana Rambles blog. Lots of great memes to link up to are listed at Link Rink. I am not following and have added you to our sidebar blogroll at BNN!

    Diana Rambles
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  2. Thank you so much, Diana! I appreciate your following and for adding my button to BNN! Thanks for hosting such a great link party too! I was super excited to find your page. :)

  3. Gorgeous! And barring allergies or intolerance, I'm a firm believer in "anything is okay, in moderation" too! And that darned taffy *is* so easy to add little colorful touches. I had to scramble to find other solutions once we switched to dye-free. Laffy Taffy was one of the hardest to let go, because of all the possibilities! *sigh*