Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooky things are in the air… er, I mean lunch boxes!

Halloween is almost here! Only 4 more school days left to add a little scary flare to the lunch boxes! (actually only 3 since I’m sure I won’t get away with packing cold lunch on chicken sandwich day 2 weeks in a row.)
I took a trip to the dollar tree today and picked up some fun spooky hard candies. (Bones & Skulls) and some chocolate eye balls. Some of the bones came in cute little lidded coffin containers which I thought would be just perfect used in some Halloween lunches.
Both lunches are the same again today, except for the sandwich fillings.

Tiny princess K’s lunch inner container lids off 10/26/12


Tiny princess A’s lunch inner container lids on 10/26/12


Here’s what they had…
  • Dollar tree coffin container with Gerber Graduates fruit puffs and bloody bone candies. The candies that came inside the containers were white bones. I decided to make them bloody by adding a bit of food safe marker to each one.
  • One lone chocolate eyeball
  • Veggie straws
  • Applesauce with Halloween sprinkles in the PlanetBox Little Dipper
  • A few regular old non healthy fruit snacks
  • Mozzarella cheese chunks and oyster crackers complete with creepy crawly centipede and spooky spider ring
  • Scaredy  cat Fairy Bread.(idea found HERE) A’s filling is honey butter. K’s filling is PB&J
Packed in our favorite PlanetBox lunch boxes! Also included in these lunches are the ever fabulous Lunch Box Love Notes!! Have I mentioned how much my girls adore finding these in their lunch each day?
On a side note, totally un-lunch related…. I need to get busy on my tiny princesses costumes! What are your little ones going to be for Halloween this year?


Some things (or similair) I used to make these lunches

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