Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yup! They really eat em’!

A little while back I received a blog post comment asking if my tiny princesses “actually eat the peppers” that I put in their lunch boxes.

My tiny princesses are DEFINITELY picky little humans! It has been a real struggle finding fruits and vegetables that they don’t mind consuming. So, you want the down-low on the peppers? The truth is, yes! They really do eat them. I promise you I am not just putting them in the lunch box for blog/picture purposes. ♥

Some of their favorite ways to eat these cute little sweet peppers include…. diced and mixed in with scrambled eggs, dipped in ANY type of creamy dip (Dill Dip is our current dip of choice),  and as sticks spread with cream cheese!

Over the summer I shared a couple of meals that I made for A’s friend S. S LOVES when I make her bento meals. So much in fact, that she ever so sweetly asked me if I could sometimes make her a lunch for school. Since A and S ended up in the same class this year, I decided that making a 3rd tiny princess lunch every now and then would be fun! Guess what? My tiny princesses aren’t the only ones who like to eat the peppers…… A’s friend S loves them too!  They were a special request for the first lunch that I made her. ♥

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Tiny Princesses LOVE peppers!

All 3 princesses had the same meal, except A got yogurt instead of applesauce. She likes apples, but I still can’t get her to eat applesauce no matter what I do.

Tiny Princesses LOVE peppers!

Here is what they had packed in their EasyLunchboxes…

  • Penne pasta with one half of a cherry tomato. I knew that A and S would eat their tomatoes, but K’s was in there just to see if she would try it. In case you are wondering…. it came home with the lunch box. ;)
  • Meatless pasta sauce for dipping
  • 2 mini bell pepper shaped bread and butter sandwiches. The sauce cup that is hiding behind the sandwiches contains dill dip for veggie dipping
  • A flowery mix of cucumbers, carrots, and bell pepper rings
  • S’mores trail mix
  • Yogurt for A and applesauce for the other sweet girls

Tiny Princesses LOVE peppers!

smaller inner leak proof containers are a MUST have for Bento making. They are great for any messy items that may “ruin” the rest of the meal.

Tiny Princesses LOVE peppers!

Each princess also received a Lunchbox Love note from sayplease.com. The above card was for A’s friend. I LOVE that the Lunchbox Love sets include blank cards. It was perfect for personalizing S’s lunch. In case you are wondering why it says “Coach Jeana”… It is because I help out by coaching A and S’s little league cheer team. ♥♥

One of the the many great qualities I find of packing in EasyLunchboxes are the insulated lunch bags that were made for them. I find it especially nice when packing an extra lunch for Allison’s friend. It’s really fantastic to be able to put both of the lunches in one cooler bag making it super easy for Allison to carry to school and to bring bag home. Add in an ice pack and some juice boxes and she’s good to go!


Some things (or similar) I used to make these lunches…

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A frightfully fun giveaway!


BOO!!! Did I scare you? I hope not cause I’ve got a some super fun giveaway news!

We really like our Funbites cutters! There is so much you can do with them! Recently tiny princess lunchbox was asked if we could come up with some fun Halloween ideas using Funbites!

We happily accepted the challenge and got to work. Thus how “Spooky Bites” came to be!

spookyfun! Funbites Giveaway!

My girls LOVE Nutella sandwiches. They love them even more when they are bite sized and there are sprinkles involved! ♥♥ I think I’m going to make these special bite sized sandwiches for tiny princess K’s school Halloween party this year!

Funbites has generously provided us with one set of Halloween colored Funbites cutters to give away to one lucky reader! Aren’t you excited?!?!

Enter below using using rafflecopter and leaving a blog post comment telling me which Funbites cutter is your favorite! Be sure to like Tiny Princess Lunch Box and Funbites on facebook for easy extra entries! Open to US residents only. Winner has 48 hours to claim prize. ♥♥ Good Luck!

spookyfun! Funbites Giveaway!

Don’t want to wait to see if you win? Use code inplaceofhercrown on the Funbites website to receive 25%  your whole order!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bento Boxes where you least expect them…

There was no packed lunches yesterday, and I’m sure if you have been following along you may have a good idea why….. Chicken sandwich day of course! My girls love chicken sandwich day at school and until I can sway them in the packed lunch direction it looks like Wednesdays will be my lunch making day off. :)

Today it was back to work and I was super excited to pack in some new fun boxes I found over the weekend. Oddly enough I found them in the baby section at our nearest Target. I’m not even sure what caused me to walk that way, but I’m kind of glad I did. ♥

It’s called the Munchkin Bento Meal Time Set. It’s marketed for the baby/toddler crowd, but after packing our second day of school lunches inside, I found that it holds plenty of food for each of my tiny princesses!

K chose the pink one ♥

Munchkin Click Lock Bento Box Lunch!

She had: Strawberries with a cute biting hippopotamus food pick, carrot sticks, salami-cucumber-cream cheese rollups with apple pick, a few dry roasted peanuts in the small green silicone cup nestled on top of a bed of alphabet pretzels, vanilla yogurt with star sprinkles, ranch in the blue sauce cup hidden underneath two rolls of Smarties candies. One for K and one of a friend. ♥♥

A chose the blue Munchkin box

Munchkin Click Lock Bento Box Lunch!

She had: Salami cream cheese roll ups with apple food pick, vanilla yogurt with star sprinkles, dill dip in the yellow sauce cup, 2 packs of smarties (one for her and one for a friend), alphabet pretzels, diced plums with biting alligator pick, cucumber and yellow pepper stars cut using a small star shaped cookie cutter I also added a bit of pepper to them cause my tiny princesses love pepper (so not to be wasteful I placed the veggie scraps underneath the cute star shapes).

I also took a picture of tiny princess K’s lunch with all the inner container lids on.

Munchkin Click Lock Bento Box Lunch!

I love that the fruit and veggie compartments can be removed and each compartment has it’s own individual lid. Even the main compartment. I also love that there is a special place for utensils in the main lid. Obviously I have only used this box once so far so I can’t really fully recommend it yet, but so so far I think it was  $7.99 well spent for each container. ♥♥ I will keep you posted.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to school with tiny princess lunch box!


Well, I knew this day would come. I just wish it didn’t have to come so soon! :( I love when my tiny princesses are home from school and feel so lonely when they are gone.

But the day is here and I had to send them on their way. The good news is….. Now I get to share with you the “first day of school” lunches! ♥

Back to school with tiny princess lunchbox!

My fifth grade princess chose our new PURPLE Yubo that we won from Lunchbox Dad! She was SO excited when she found out that we won. The purple Yubo is something both tiny princesses have had their eyes on for a while!

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Yesterday on the tiny princess lunchbox facebook page, I showed you a picture of my lunch prep for today’s lunches. Now you know what the Pop Rocks were for. ♥ Allison’s “5th grade rocks” lunch contains…

  • a round Nutella sandwich with “5th” cut outs and letter picks spelling “grade”. The Pop Rocks were added as a play on words. “5th Grade Rocks!” It was also a special treat for the first day of the school year!
  • Homemade apple shaped cheese crackers in an apple silicone cup. Just for more fun we added some red food coloring to a small amount of dough to make some red apple crackers to go with the regular ones.
  • Yellow silicone cup with a mix of celery, carrots, and a cherry tomato
  • Blue sauce cup with ranch for dipping.
  • All natural vanilla yogurt with sprinkles
  • Raspberries with white chocolate chips carefully placed in the holes. I used some music note food picks to tie into the rock theme! ♥
  • And of course we can’t forget the Lunch Box Love for the first day of school!

My 2nd grade princess had pretty much the same lunch as her older sister. There were just  few differences.


Karsyn’s PlanetBox Launch had…

  • Carrot and celery sticks
  • All natural vanilla yogurt with sprinkles in the PlanetBox  tall dipper
  • Halved banana with peal on
  • Round Peanut Butter sandwich with “2nd” cut outs and “grade” food picks. She also got some Pop Rocks because, hey! Second grade rocks too! ♥
  • Cut string cheese with a school bus cupcake ring
  • ranch for veggie dipping in the yellow sauce cup
  • Homemade apple cheese crackers in an apple silicone cup
  • And a very special lunchbox love note for my very special free spirited girl! ♥♥

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

♪ Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? ♪

Sorry if I tricked you by my title. Nope! Today’s lunch does not feature that spongy under sea pineapple dweller…… It does, however include our ADORABLE  Dr. Sears Nibble Tray by ZAK! I just love this sweet little pineapple shaped food container and so does tiny princess K! She is obsessed with pineapples and by obsessed I don’t mean obsessed with eating them. (Although she does like to eat pineapple) Her obsession goes beyond a taste thing. She just loves pineapples. Pineapple pictures, pineapple figurines, and pretty much every pineapple thing she lays eyes on! ♥ Naturally when we first saw the nibble tray it was a given that we HAD to have one!

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I’m pretty sure the target audience for the Dr. Sears Nibble Tray are toddlers. It’s a pretty small box, but it’s perfect for my tiny princesses, who tend to enjoy small amounts of a large variety.

Lunch for K in our Dr. Sears Nibble Tray! #Drsearsnibbletray #schoollunchideas #lunch #pinapple

Of course it was K that had lunch in the pineapple! She had: Four small star shaped PB&J sandwiches. These four sandwich cut out are equal to one whole sandwich. Cut cucumbers, organic carrot sticks, sun shaped colby cheese bites, chunked strawberries, two Trader Joe’s yogurt stars, and some ranch dip for the veggies!

Lunch for K in our Dr. Sears Nibble Tray! #Drsearsnibbletray #schoollunchideas #lunch #pinapple

She couldn’t resist grabbing a bite of cheese while I was snapping pictures! ♥

A chose and EasyLunchboxes lunch.

Lunch for A in our #EasyLunchboxes

She had: A honey butter fairy bread sandwich, carrot sticks, celery sticks, ranch for dipping, strawberry bites with a cantaloupe bunny on top, assorted red and green grapes, roasted vegetable ritz, and two Trader Joe’s yogurt stars.


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Build Your Own Taco Tuesday

These lunches were not from today. In fact, they aren’t even lunches at all. They were dinners and even though they are not from today  (Tuesday), they were from Tuesday last week. I thought the title was very fitting. ;) (and I didn’t even plan it that way)

If you’re memory serves you correctly you will remember that last week my tiny princesses had their 1 week summer dance intensive. After dance we had to run straight to cheer practice, meaning there was no time for dinner in-between. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to brush up on my packed lunch, er, dinner making skills!

Karsyn didn’t really need a packed dinner, but she really likes eating her meals this way so I was happy to oblige. ♥ She chose our GoGreen lunchbox and I’m pretty glad she did. We haven’t used this one in so long!


She had: Two white corn hard taco shells, strawberries, seasoned taco meat, shredded colby cheese, soft taco shell cutouts to aid in keeping the meat and cheese in it’s place, diced cherry tomatoes with fresh cilantro, Velveeta shells and cheese with Rotel tomatoes, and a cute little mini strawberry muffin. ♥ The diced tomatoes were an experiment for K. She didn’t love them, but she did have one tomato slice on each of her tacos. :D


Allison’s dinner was packed in our PlanetBox Launch. She had: Shells and cheese with rotel tomatoes, a mini strawberry muffin, shredded colby cheese, seasoned taco meat, three whole cherry tomatoes, one yellow corn hard taco shell, and one soft flour tortilla taco shell. I also included some Taco Bell mild sauce. A LOVES her some Taco Bell sauce! ♥

Some things (or similar) I used to make these meals…

Monday, August 19, 2013

EasyLunchboxes go to the tractor show!

Yesterday my husband and I took the tiny princesses (and friend) on our annual summer trip to the Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractor Show. Hey, who says you have to be a boy to appreciate a tractor?!?! My tiny princesses LOVE them and I must say, I LOVE seeing them in their PINK cowgirl boots! ♥♥ As usual, there was a great time had by all, but this year we did something a little different….. Can you guess what that difference was?

EasyLunchboxes and tiny princess lunch box go to the tractor show! #tractorlunch #EasyLunchboxes #schoollunchideas

If you guessed that we avoided the expense and unhealthiness of all of the “county fair” type vendor foods, by packing our own nutritious and delicious meals…. then you guess correctly!  That’s right! I loaded up some ELB’s and we headed on our way.

For some reason I haven’t acquired any tractor cookie cutters, or fun tractor food picks. This made my girls super sad. :( I tried my best though, in keeping with the tractor theme by adding in a few farm animals and those famous tractor colors we all know and love!

And don’t worry, the princesses weren’t completely deprived of that “county fair flavor”


Yup! You saw it right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. COTTON CANDY GRAPES! Now, I’m pretty sure I might like cotton candy more than your average human. The sweet sugar spun treat brings back memories of childhood fairs. I literally take a bite, close my eyes, and I’m there! ♥ I don’t eat cotton candy nearly as much as I would like to, so when a fellow bento blogger brought these Cotton Candy Grapes from The Grapery to my attention I knew I had locate them. I scoured the interwebs and during my search I founds some great useful information….. One of them being that these grapes are in fact all NATURAL! No joke. No GMO! It was right then and there that it became my mission to find a place to purchase these unique grapes somewhere near my hometown. I searched and searched and called and called with no luck. Finally I stumbled upon Hiller’s Market in Northville, MI. This store is actually over an hour away from my home, but it just so happens that we have family that live in Northville and my girls happened to be visiting with their grandma who took them out for trip to their cousin’s house to swim! Let me tell you…. the choirs sang! I was SOOO excited, I couldn’t wait for my tiny princesses to get home so I could try them! Guess what? I tried them and they are divine! They taste and smell just like pink fluffy cotton candy! I was in cotton candy grapey heaven! When you first bite into the grape you immediately get a rush of cotton candy flavor, then is sort of switches over to a normal, less tart, grape flavor. After you swallow the familiar vanilla-ey cotton candy flavor returns. I’m drooling just thinking about it, and that’s a bad thing….. cause they are all gone. Whaaaaaa! :( No worries hopefully my husband will be going to Hillers after work today (he works out that way) to get me some more. I have heard of these cotton candy grapes costing up to $6.00/lbs. Which is pretty expensive, but to me would be so worth a special treat now and then! Luckily for us Hillers sells them at $2.99/lbs. That just means I get to buy more! ♥♥ 

Okay, okay. enough about grapes. You all came for the lunches, right? Since I’ve already talked your ears off typed your eyes off, I’ll try to keep this short!


The girls pretty much all had the same items with only minor differences.


The large compartment of our EasyLunchboxes held: Flower cut turkey sandwiches (with different condiments) stamped with a cute frog bread stamp, a few extra sandwich pieces cut using our FunBites Cube it and rolled in sugar sprinkles, carrots with ranch for dipping, homemade cheese crackers, just cotton candy grapes for A, only strawberries for k since she doesn’t like grapes (even cotton candy ones), and a mix of both fruits for A’s friend S.


The two smaller ELB compartments each held: A homemade strawberry muffin, yogurt for A, and applesauce for K and S in our EasyLunchbox mini dippers. ♥

Some things (or similar) I used to make these lunches…

Friday, August 16, 2013

LunchBots Dinners and Homemade Cheese Crackers!

This week my tiny princesses had their week long intensive at dance. Both girls danced for three and a half hours straight for four consecutive days. Normally this wouldn’t call for a packed dinner, but this summer it did. Tiny Princess A had dance from 2:00pm to 5:30pm and then had to go directly to her two hour cheer practice. I had to make sure my girl had fuel to accommodate the five and half hours of non stop activity. I also had to make sure said fuel was FAST. I love being able to provide mostly healthy  “fast food” meals for my tiny humans in the form of Bento!

BUT….. Before we get to the Bentos…….

You know those deliciously, crunchy, cheesy snack crackers? I know you do. Our kids love them! Am I right? I know my kids do and I’m pretty guilty myself, of being able to eat at least half a box in one sitting. Well, what if I told you that you could make your own cheese crackers? In your own kitchen. Right at home. It’s true, you can! And what if I told you that this scrumptious, cheesy, knockoff-ey goodness could be made with just four simple ingredients? That’s right! Only four ingredients. We decided to kick it up a notch though and used FIVE!  I know it, we're rebels! ;)

Homemade Cheese Crackers using ONLY four simple ingredients you probably have on hand!

I found the recipe on pinterest sometime back. The pin took me to a great blog called Divas Can Cook. I seriously got lost in there before I finally decided to get to work on creating my own cheese crackers!  We followed the Divas Can Cook recipe almost exactly with only a few minor changes. So, if you want to go with the recipe from Divas Can Cook click here….. If you would like to add our little changes keep reading.

Here’s what you need… Chances is are you already have everything on hand! I LOVE those kind of recipes. ♥ This is seriously so easy I have it memorized! Well, that and we have made them every day this week. ♥ (Remember, I’m a rebel. That’s why our version has 5 ingredients)

  • 1 cup of shredded Colby Jack cheese (Any shredded cheese will work. Colby just seems to be the cheese that we ALWAYS have on hand)
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper Keep in mind that this last ingredient will add a good kick to your crackers. Depending on your tastes adding the pepper might be too spicy. My tiny princess LOVE spicy foods so this was a good thing for us.

Okay, now that you have all the ingredients ready: Add every last one of them to a food processor. Don’t have a food processor? No worries! Do a quick google search on alternatives for a food processor and you will find a ton of great ideas, that I’m sure will work for this recipe. Process until a dough forms. I have to admit that my dough never really formed in the processor. It was more like crumbly little bits. I was VERY temped to add milk or water and you totally could, but upon a hands on inspection of my dough crumbles I realized that just a little hand squishing formed a dough ball quite nicely, so I changed my mind about adding liquid.  Shape your dough into a disc, wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate for one hour. Remove dough from fridge and let it soften. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Roll dough onto a smooth surface until you get your desired thickness. The recipe suggest 1/8 inch thick, but we chose to make our a bit thicker. This dough is seriously a breeze to work with! It is perfect for letting your tiny humans roll it out all on their own. It’s not sticky hardly at all so it eliminated the frustration that my little cooking buddy often has when working with a more sticky type dough.  We chose not to go with your traditional square cheese cracker shape. Nope, I had my own custom cheese cracker cutter!


After you have cut your crackers how you wish place them on a foil lined baking sheet. Use a wooden skewer to add holes to the centers of your crackers. I’m pretty sure this step is unnecessary, but it sure is fun for the kids to do! ♥ Bake your crackers for approximately 12 minutes or until the bottoms are slightly golden brown. Remove from oven and let sit on hot pan for a couple minutes before adding to a cooling rack. Crackers can be stored in an air tight containers for a few days, but if your family is anything like mine they won’t even last that long! ;)

Some of my other Bento blog friends have made homemade cheese crackers too…..

Check out THIS awesome post from Jenn of Bento For Kidlet. She uses her Funbites Cube It cutter to create the perfect square shapes with ease! *keep in mind that this is an older post so the Funbites giveaway is no longer active.*

Melissa from another lunch creates puzzle shaped crackers in THIS blog post. How fun!

Momables has a great cheese cracker recipe HERE and really gets you wondering about why you need all those extra ingredients in store bought crackers anyway! While you’re there be sure to check out the subscription lunch packing meal plan! It’s AWESOME!

OMGosh! How perfect would THESE be for the upcoming Halloween season? Astrid of Lunches Fit For A Kid shows you how to make Candy Corn shaped crackers.


Now onto the meals. I’ll try to keep it short. ♥ (yeah right)

I decided to pull out our LunchBots for these meals. I was sort of in the mood for a “Tiny Lunch Box Challenge” I really LOVE trying to fit as much food as I can in a tiny lunch box! Want your own LunchBots container? Click the add over on my right sidebar to be taken directly to the LunchBots site!

Dinner in our LunchBots! #lunchbots #schoollunchideas #bento

In her LunchBots duo tiny princess A had: A leftover grilled BBQ chicken leg, a few cucumbers hidden underneath a bed of baby carrots, ranch for dipping in our small Laptop Lunches lidded container, green and red grape mix, and of course homemade cheese crackers!

Tiny princess K technically didn’t need a packed meal since she had plenty of time to eat at home, but she LOVES Bento, so who am I to deny her requests!

Dinner in our LunchBots! #lunchbots #schoollunchideas #bento

In her LunchBots trio K had: Carrots, cucumbers, cantaloupe, turkey meatballs, ranch for veggie dipping in the small Laptop Lunches lidded container, ketchup for meatball dipping in the green sauce cup, Trader Joe’s yogurt stars, and homemade cheese crackers.

Some things I used to make these meals