Thursday, December 6, 2012

It’s getting chilly!

The weather is finally starting to drop where it should be and the tiny princesses are sensing that the first snow fall will be just around the corner! Hopefully Mother Nature will not disappoint! :)
I have quite a bit to post today, so I’ll get on with it. The first set of lunches are from Tuesday. I debated whether to post them or not due to the horrible pictures. Same with Wednesday’s lunch for the guy I love. I got off my soap box about the picture thing though and have accepted that my photos are what they are! So…. here you ya go!!

Tiny princess A and K’s lunches 12/4/12
Exactly the same, except A got grapes and K got applesauce. Have you all figured out yet that these are pretty much the only fruits I can get these girls to eat? UGH! It’s very frustrating!


Here’s what they had…
  • Candy Cane Turkey Sandwiches
  • Grapes for A. Applesauce for K
  • Peppermint sugar cookie
  • Holiday shaped pretzels with mini peppermint marshmallows
  • A small container of Nutella for pretzel dipping.
  • They also each got a Christmas LunchBoxLove note! Get your own here!
  • Packed in a holiday cookie container found at Walmart! Proof that anything can be a Bento box!


I’ll admit it. I’ve been slacking on lunches for the guy in my life. He has been going into work sometimes at 4:30am. That is just waaaaay too early for me to get up in the morning! Don’t worry, he hasn’t been going hungry. Leftovers usually do the trick for him. This week though he had a normal time day so I was able to create him a fun lunch! Apparently this one was quite the talk of the lunch table at work! ;)


Just a hodge podge of fun colors and whimsical picks, and lots of love. here’s what he had…
  • Mozzarella string cheese cut into chunks and skewered onto sweet heart picks
  • Turkey and cheese sandwich. I found the fun bread stamp in the Target dollar spot. It came with two different stamps, but was actually $3 not $1. You still can’t beat though. How cute right? I colored the smiley face with some food safe markers
  • A few peanut M&Ms
  • Green grapes. Don’t you love the little tree trunk picks? You can find them here at All Things For Sale
  • Red grape tomatoes made to look like balloons with the sweet little balloon tie picks also from All Things For Sale
  • Silicone heart cup with some Gardetto’s snack mix. YUM! The little blue sauce cup has a little bit of butter to dip his snack mix in. (Yes, he has a major butter addiction)
  • Packed in a PlanetBox Rover. Also included some LunchBoxLove!
Now onto today’s lunches. Once again they are the same except for the grapes and the applesauce thing. ;)
Here’s what they had…
  • Small sauce container with a few princess fruit snacks
  • Crackers
  • Salami
  • Grapes/applesauce
  • String cheese chunks with a cute paper penguin pick
  • Dark chocolate mint penguin. YUM!
  • Vanilla yogurt in a snowman cup from a local dollar store. Now I now there is a slight penguin theme going on here, but I really though without the lid to the snowman cup the shape resembles a penguin quite well. :) I also added a few snowflake sprinkles to get that “chilly” effect.
  • Packed in our Goodbyn sandwich containers.

Some things I used to make these lunches…

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