Monday, December 3, 2012

Hoping for snow and craving Gingerbread cookies!

It’s been pretty warm here for the last couple days. Being December, in Michigan my girls are eagerly awaiting the first big snowfall and both have been asking when we will have our annual cookie making weekend!

I of course couldn’t give a definite day for either request they had, BUT I could incorporate them into today’s lunches!

Tiny Princess A chose the Gingerbread lunch. She had the following packed in an EasyLunchbox… A gingerbread man peppered turkey sandwich.  Vanilla yogurt in the cute gingerbread cup, (purchased from a local dollar store) flavored and colored with a bit of dark chocolate syrup.  I added a few sprinkles to create some gingerbread sprinkles, but per the great idea from Shannon of Molly’s Lunch Box I also included an individual cup of sprinkles that the princesses can add themselves at lunch time. The last thing in the large compartment of the EasyLunchbox was a few holiday shaped pretzels. The top side compartment has a yummy cookie that the girls made at Grandmas. (At least they got to do some baking) And last and probably least in A’s eyes some green beans.


Tiny Princess K got the same lunch with a snowman theme, (No chocolate added to her yogurt) and a peppermint cookie! :o)


Here is a shot of K’s lunch with the lid on her yogurt container! Isn't it cute?


Some things I used to make these lunches…

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