Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bigger is NOT always better!

I picked up these adorable princess boxes at one of our local dollar stores.


They are pretty small compared to some of our other boxes. In fact they really aren’t much larger than your average sandwich container.

Here they are stacked with some of our other boxes. From top to bottom they are… sandwich container, new princesses container, EasyLunchbox, Laptop Lunchbox, and a Planetbox.


See that? They’re pretty small aren’t they? Of course I could have easily used these just as snack containers for my tiny princesses, but I like a challenge. Today’s lunches prove that sometimes a small lunchbox packs a big punch!!

Today’s lunches in our new dollar store small snack sized box contained, vanilla yogurt with sprinkles in an Easylunchbox little dipper, mozzarella cheese flowers, (colby jack cheese for A) bread and butter roll ups, (I tired to add a bit of food coloring to the butter for a pretty rolled effect, but it didn’t really work) bow tie pasta with swirly candy food pick, “rose” rolled salami slices held together with a “magic wand” pick, small container of parmesan cheese, a couple of princess fruit snacks, and a Goodbyn sauce container of meatless spaghetti sauce for pasta dipping.


One of the best “tricks” I’ve learned from packing lunch for my tiny princesses this way is that when you purchase items from the grocery store that come in individual packets, it’s OKAY not to give your child the whole pack at once. When you add enough of a variety a little bit goes a long way. For example, the princess fruit snacks. Let’s face it, fruit snacks are not the most healthy of food options, but our kids love them. Am I right? Why not pack your child lots of other options and split up the pack of snacks. This allows your child to still get what they love and not to mention makes items such as this go a looong way! For this lunch I opened up a pack of princess fruit snacks and divided them (4 each) among my girls. They’re happy. I’m happy. My wallet is happy. Now a box of fruit snacks lasts us 2-3 weeks opposed to just 1! Win, win, win!!


Some things I used to make these lunches…

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