Saturday, December 15, 2012

Missing our second home and how dance took over the “world”

If your just here for the lunches keep scrolling…. if you want to read the meaning behind them keep reading. ♥

Every year for the last 5 years we have taken an annual family vacation to to Florida to go to the happiest place on earth….. DISNEY WORLD!! This year was to be no different. We were all booked for the second week in January.

I know I’ve mentioned dance before. My tiny princesses ♥love♥ to dance. You may be wondering what dancing has to do with Disney and why I stated that we were booked for January? Well, this year not only one of my tiny princesses, but BOTH of them were asked to join the competitive dance team at our studio. Dancing competitively is nothing new for tiny princess A. She is going on her second year. It’s all new and exciting for K! And me? Well I am one proud mama!

Between the 2 tiny princesses we have… 1 technique tap class, 1 technique jazz class, 2 recreational tap classes, 2 recreational jazz classes, 2 recreational ballet classes, 2 recreational gymnastics classes, 1 recreational hip hop class, 2 competition jazz classes, and 1 competition tap class. Add em’ all up and you get… 14 dance classes, 4 days a week, 9 recital costumes, 3 competition costumes, 4 local regional competitions, 2 dance recitals, and 1 out of state national dance competition. Are you tired yet?  I am, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Last year we were minus 6 dance classes. The national dance competition was only one state over. Only about 2.5 hours away. Disney World was possible then. When we booked our Jan. 2013 trip we weren’t counting on tiny princess K being asked to join the competitive team. A wasn’t asked to join until she was 8. K is 6. The national competition this year is being held in Charleston, South Carolina. That’s over 14 hours away….. So now you know… How dance took over the “World”! (hey, I thought is was a pretty good pun!)
Now you are probably asking how this ties into lunch? Don’t worry go into to much detail.  I’ll let the lunches explain themselves! ;)


Since we can’t go to Disney…. I brought Disney to lunch!

Packed in our ever awesome Easylunchboxes the tiny princesses had the following…
  • holiday shaped pretzels with cream cheese for dipping
  • apple jacks cereal
  • mozzarella string cheese cut up
  • peppered turkey
  • vanilla yogurt
  • peanut butter crackers
Some things I did/used to make these lunches special…
  • added a sticker to a fun sauce cup purchased from bento USA
  • found the perfect lunchbox love notes from
  • fun mickey and minnie food picks to help eat the cut string cheese and keep rolled turkey from rolling about
  • various silicone cups to keep food separated
  • fun dollar store christmas tree container perfect for yogurt since it has a lid!

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