Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The frog prince

My tiny princesses are GIRLY!! They walk girly. They talk girly. They sleep girly. Heck, my littlest tiny princes even stomps away angry in a very girly manor. No joke. When she gets upset with the husband or I she turns around and does the cutest most adorable little, half stomp, half skip thing you have ever seen. It almost makes you forget why you were angry in the first place. You can only imagine that my poor sweet husband gets his fair share of all things pink and pretty. When the tiny princesses asked me yesterday if Daddy would get a “princess-ified” lunch, I decided to take a different approach.

In the large section of an EasyLunchbox he had, a frog shaped PB&J, (cut with our sand-wishes lunchpunch) some smaller stamped circle sandwiches,  cheese with pink frog pick, few pieces of a beef stick on heart skewers, and some letter cheese crackers to spell K-I-S-S M-E. The top smaller section has some roasted edemene and the lower section has an EasyLunchbox mini dipper of applesauce.


Some things I used to make this lunch…

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