Sunday, December 30, 2012

Soup for a chilly day

I really can’t remember which day theses lunches came from, but I do remember that is was chilly! Tiny princess K requested leftover potato soup and even though A likes all things potato, I can’t get her to eat this soup to save my life. Crazy girl! She had some snowflake sandwiches instead. ♥

For K, I added some potato soup to her littlest pet shop thermos and also filled up a sassy box with some shredded cheese, crackers, vanilla yogurt, and half a banana. She said this was her favorite lunch yet!


Want a fun tip on how to keep food hot in a thermos? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t? This is something that I used to do a lot for tiny princess A, but for some reason I forgot all about it. That is, until I discovered MOMables. What is MOMables you ask? Well, it’s awesome, that’s what it is, but I’ll get to that in a minute. First we gotta talk thermoses….. In order to keep your food warm throughout the day simply fill your thermos with hot water (boiled water works best, but I’ll admit sometimes I just use the hot faucet water), replace the lid, and leave it sit for a good 5 minutes and heat up your desired contents, dump the hot water, add your food, lid it up and your good to go! I can’t believe I totally forgot about that trick, but I’m so happy that I found MOMables cause they reminded me again! ♥

So, I think you asked me what MOMables was right? Well, to sum it up shortly, MOMables is a preplanned school lunch menu program (by subscription), that literally takes the guess work out of the age old question…. “What should I pack for lunch?”  But guess what? It doesn’t stop at menu planning. Each week’s menu also includes awesome recipes, fabulous photos of each recipe, AND, wait for it…… A shopping list to help you plan the week’s lunches! That right there is worth it’s weight in gold!! FOR SURE!
I purchased a 3 months subscription and only wish I would have gone with a longer one. Mine is just about up and I fully intend to renew! At less that 25 cents per day I’m not sure how I can go wrong! The menus are awesome.
Not sure if MOMables is for you? Try it free for week. Go ahead, click the link. You won’t be disappointed. :)   MOMables

Alrighty, now on to tiny princess A’s lunch. Silly non potato soup lover! :p


Here’s what she had….
  • honey butter snow flake sandwiches
  • sweet yellow peppers with cream cheese for dipping. She doesn’t really love these, but she tolerates them just to keep her mama happy! ♥
  • vanilla yogurt
  • start shaped pretzels
  • chunked string cheese
  • packed in a laptop lunch box
Here are some things I did/used to make these lunches speical
  • fun cutters are great for sandwiches
  • colorful sauce/dip cups add great flair
  • add sprinkles to yogurt to make it festive
  • food/cupcake picks are great to help with eating finger foods and adds such sweetness
  • silicone cups are also great for color and keep food separated
Some thing I used to make these lunches…


  1. I love the snowflake sandwiches. :)

    I read a lot of bento blogs, and one blogger experimented with the thermos tip. She put two identical thermoses out and did the hot water trick in one and not the other. She let it sit for hours and then measured the temperature. There was no difference between the two. I haven't tried it myself, but I have seen quite a few blog posts saying that it doesn't really help over a span of several hours, so for those moms (and dads) who are really busy in the mornings, it's one less step. :)

  2. Wow! Thank you! That is very useful knowledge. While I do this all the time, in theory I have never really tested it. I guess I always just assumed that it worked. I may have to do a test of my own. I certainly can use the one less step, that's for sure! :)