Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The new story of a tiny princess lunch box

Once upon a time in a cyber-land far, far way there lived a little blog. It was an ugly blog. One filled with strange graphics and too many polka dots. Tiny Princess Lunch Box, it was called, but the good queen who created it, felt it didn't quite live up to the royalty of its name. One day the good queen decided it was time for a change, so she set off to find the most perfect look in a glorious kingdom called Etsy. Just has she had hoped, Etsy did not fail. There were so many fabulous things to look at, but only few were able to meet the expectations of the queen. These few, the chosen few came together and with the swish of her magic wand the good queen transformed that ugly blog into an adorable, spectacular "site" fit for royalty.... of the tiny variety! And so begins a fresh new chapter in the story of a tiny princess lunch box. ♥

Did you like my story? Okay, so I'm not much of a fairy tale writer. But really, what do ya think of our new look? Isn't it sweet? Isn't it fitting? I think so!

Of course today's lunches could be nothing less than totally princess-ified! Yesterday my tiny princesses got boring lunches... I was still too busy working on the blog. :) Today, they are fun and pretty.
Packed in her favorite Yubo lunch box, (she is BEGGING for another color already) in the larger inner container Tiny princess K had some S'mores trail mix, (created in a little different way so that we could utilize our new heart picks from All Things For Sale!) a crown shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich, (cut using a cutter from our girly LunchPunches). Just for fun I decided to add some letter picks to her sandwich spelling out her favorite nick name. Still in the larger container, she also had some princess fruit snacks, and some applesauce with sprinkles. The smaller side inner container holds some vanilla yogurt flavored and colored with a hint of strawberry syrup in an EasyLunchbox Mini Dipper. Finally she had some star  cheese chunks that I made by melting some shredded cheddar and transferring to a shaped silicone ice cube tray.

Just for a fun special treat today, she also received a 100% juice drink in a princess bottle and some super fun princess tongue tattoos. The tongue tattoos are awfully sour and don't really work that great, but my girls think they're fun and they adore the card that comes in the package. It has a princess on one side and a mirror on the other so that they can see they're tattoos once applied. ♥


As much as I would love to snap a picture of my tiny princesses every morning before they go to school it's just not possible. It's no fun having to catch the bus by 6:45am. This morning though, we miraculously had enough time and Tiny princess K looked too ridiculously adorable not to grab the camera. She decided that I should definitely take picture of her with her lunchbox so that I could "make her famous on the blog".  FYI she has been counting the days until after Thanksgiving because I told her as soon as it was over she could start wearing her Christmas clothes. :) Be still my heart, she has her daddy's dimples!


Unfortunately Tiny princess A was diagnosed with a massive ear infection yesterday and has been home from school the past two days. She was feeling a little bit better today and decided she would like to help me make her a lunch to add to the grand debut of the new blog look.
Also packed in a Yubo lunchbox. In the larger inner container she had, a fairy princess sandwich made with one of our sand-wishes lunchpunch cutters, some Brave fruit snacks, mini pop tart crisps, pretzels. The small blue sauce cup holds her new favorite pretzel dip, Nutella. The smaller side inner container holds a square silicone cup of fruit loops and a heart skewer of multi grain cheerios just for fun. The cheerios didn't stay on too well so we stopped them at the bottom with one mini marshmallow. The planetbox little dipper contains vanilla yogurt with strategically placed crown, glass slipper, and butterfly sprinkles.


And so not to be left out she also got a special 100% juice drink and some tongue tattoos.


We also came up with a great way to carry her Yubo upright so that the contents stay together better! All you need is a little bit of ribbon. :)


Daddy got a special prince-ified lunch today too. We couldn't leave him out of the grand debut. This post got pretty lengthy though so you'll have to wait til tomorrow to see that one.

Some things I used to make these lunches...


  1. I love the new layout! Super cute! I am so jealous! :D
    The lunches look great too. :)

    1. Thanks, Tara! It was ton of work, but soooo worth it. Now you now why I've been so quiet lately! :)