Friday, November 23, 2012

Not your average turkey sandwich!

The other day while the tiny princesses and I were doing our daily bento blog hopping we came across this ADORABLE “Turkey” sandwich from Jenn over at Bento For Kidlet! OMG!! She is seriously brilliant! She used a gyoza press to make peanut butter and jelly pockets that created the most perfect turkey feather fan! Pure genius! Thanks, Jenn! My girls LOVED this idea! So much in fact that they request grilled cheese Turkeys for dinner!
Now we don’t have a gyoza press so our turkeys aren’t nearly as cute, but we do have the cut and seal tool from pampered chef. This didn’t quite create as good of a feather effect, but my princesses were happy none the less.
So, here is our version of the not so average turkey sandwich!

Tiny princess A and K’s dinner 11/21/12


Here’s what they had…
  • Checkered apple for A and Mott’s Medleys peach applesauce for K
  • Goldfish S’mores mix
  • A few BBQ potato chip crunchers
  • Grilled cheese “turkey” sandwich. Made using the pampered chef cut and seal tool and cut in half. I also used candy eyes, a tortilla chip corner for a beak and some fruit leather for a gobbler
  • I also added in a few stalks of celery which was a new food for both princesses and I’m sad to report I was the one to eat all of the celery. :( Princesses 1 Mom 0
  • Packed in EasyLunchboxes

Some things I used to make these meals…

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