Friday, July 12, 2013

The unexpected lunch beggar….


Okay, I admit it. I haven’t made lunch in a while. Whoa there…. calm down people. I promise I’ve still been feeding my tiny princesses, just not anything worth blogging about. They have been asking BEGGING me for a Bento lunch.  Just the other day-“Mama, my food doesn’t taste as good when it’s not cute!” Said my youngest tiny princess. Will you puhlease make us Bentos?” Chimed in her older sister. Of course, my sweet girls! I would LOVE to!

We really don’t keep the pantry/fridge as well stocked in the summer as we do during the school year, so this was a bit of a scrounge, but it all worked out. I went about my business, waved my magic wand, and at last I had two pretty lunches that were perfect for blogging.  I was super stoked too. It was the perfect day for outdoor photos. You know the day… the perfect mix of sun and shade, creating the best ever natural light? Well... imagine my surprise when I stepped out onto the porch to find this little guy waiting for a hand out!!! It's like he knew I was coming. He and his buddy often hang out on the porch begging for treats.... BUT... that is when WE let them out. Apparently today, Oliver and Stompers played Houdini and broke free.  Needless to say-I took my photos inside. These two beg for handouts more than our dogs. :) They would have had their noses in the food faster than you can say “Adorable goat!” ♥♥


Good question, Stompers. I’ll tell you…..

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Both tiny princess had lunches packed in their Yubo lunch boxes.  Tiny princess A had…. All natural vanilla yogurt with sprinkles, some strawberry stars cereal, Colby cheese chunks with chocolate bar pick, (this is a family joke from a time in Wisconsin when we all sampled chocolate cheese. YUCK!) homemade garlic bread croutons, (these were originally in two dolphin and one heart shapes, but I didn’t love the way the dolphins fit so I cut them into smaller pieces and just kept the heart.) blueberries, and a yummy chocolate chip cookie. ♥





Tiny princess K enjoyed…. A few blueberries and fresh pineapple chunks, (I used a star cutter to fancy up the top piece of pineapple and add a few sprinkles for good measure.) some all natural vanilla yogurt, (yes, with more sprinkles) tortilla chips, hummus with a tiny bid of fresh salsa on top for dipping, peanut butter and homemade black raspberry jam sandwich rolls, (my sandwich rolls are never very pretty. I need to work on this.) and a chocolate cookie so as not to be outdone by her sister. ♥

The cute little butterfly was added strictly for decoration. It is one half of a container I picked up at Target around Easter time.



some things I used to make these lunches…


  1. Gah.. these lunches are so cute. I can see why they were asking for some 'fun' food!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! It felt really great to make benotos again! I just wish I could perfect the PB&J sandwich sushi.... my never looks very appetizing. lol!