Monday, July 15, 2013

Planetbox dinners and a movie in the park!


Remember yesterday when I told you I had dinners to share? Well here they are!

Friday night the PTA of my tiny princesses’ school held one of their outdoor family movie in the park nights. They do this a few times a year and due to various reasons we have never been able to go. This time our schedule was clear so I decided to pack us up some dinners and we headed out around 8:00 pm. I thought we would leave early so that the girls could eat their meals before the movie, but they were so busy reconnecting with friends they haven’t seen since school let out, that they opted to just eat during the movie.

I made all 4 of us a meal, so I have lots to share. The featured movie was “Oz The Great And Powerful” We had not seen this movie yet and I really enjoyed it. It seems I have a TON of Bento supplies, but I don’t really have many items to complete a whole themed meal. I worked with what I had and added a few special themed elements here and there.

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Let’s start with tiny princess A’s lunch….


Allison’s Planetbox Rover contains: A few carrot sticks, (since I knew she would eat these) one celery stick halved, one flowered cucumber slice, (I wasn’t as confident in these items, but if I never include them she may never try them) ranch dip in the green sauce cup, (Made with one Hidden Valley Ranch packet and one container of Greek Yogurt. really yummy and a little better for you) cute little baby black corinith  grapes with a popcorn cupcake pick nestled in, (these are call “Bunchkins” and are the cutest things you have ever seen. Al loves them) a mini strawberry muffin, (get the recipe here) cream cheese salami roll ups with “Wicked Witch” ring, tomatoes with “Flying Monkey” pick, two tiny all natural chocolate chip cookies, and a whole big compartment of popcorn. Perfect for movie watching!

Tiny princess K’s dinner…


Karsyn’s dinner was also packed in a Planetbox Rover. Hers contained: One flower cucumber slice, one broccoli tree, two carrot sticks halved, ranch dip in in yellow sauce container, mini banana with ends cut so it would fit, mini strawberry muffin behind a “popcorn” pick, meatballs complete with witch’s hat and flying monkey pick, ketchup in the red sauce container, two tiny all natural chocolate chip cookies, and popcorn with a movie ticket food pick nestled in.

Dinner for dad…


Dad’s dinner was packed in our Planetbox Launch. Remember? It was the one you all helped me win in the Planetbox photo contest! ♥ His meal contained: Grape tomatoes, salt and pepper in the yellow sauce cup, two grilled cheese sandwiches, (he was coming from work and I knew he’d be hungry) two strawberries, a few kiwi slices, and a regular sized strawberry muffin. Of course I needed to throw a few “Movie Night” food picks in his meal as well. ♥

Dinner for me….


My dinner was packed in our new Monbento lunch box. (Review coming soon) The bottom tier contained: Meatballs, ketchup in the pink sauce container, (hey, grown ups like ketchup too!) carrots, celery, cucumbers, and hummus in the blue sauce cup. In the top tier I had: Roasted vegetable ritz crackers, colby cheese slices, bunchkins grapes with flying monkey pick, a clementine orange, and a delicious strawberry muffin.


Some things I used to make these meals…