Friday, July 26, 2013

EasyLunchboxes for the birthday girl and friends!

Two days ago, my oldest tiny princess celebrated her birthday. Not just any old birthday, it was a milestone birthday. She joined the double digit club! It’s so bitter sweet to me. I adore watching her grow into a beautiful young lady, but I miss her baby days with all my heart!

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EasyLunchBoxes for the birthday girl and firends!


I don’t know about yours, but in our family,  you don’t just have a birthDAY….. No way! It’s a birthWEEK around here! What can I say? We love any chance we get to PARTAY!

Yesterday’s portion of the celebration included tiny princess A being allowed to have a friend spend the night. It was no surprise who she chose. A & S are FOREVER friends for sure. ♥  Tiny princess S was set to arrive right around lunchtime so I thought it would be fun to make up a few Birthday Bash Bentos!

Deciding which boxes to use was a no brainer! Fabulous EasyLunchboxes, of course! In brights! ♥♥ This way all the boxes were the same AND I was able to color coordinate them to each tiny princess!


First up, lunch for the birthday girl! Here is what she had…

  • Honey Roasted Turkey and butter sandwich. I used the super fun cake sandwich cutter from our Sweet Treats LunchPunch set to cut the sandwich I added a few sprinkles “glued” with butter to the top and some super fun letter picks to spell out “Happy Birthday”.
  • A few frosted animal cookies separated from the sandwich with a silicone divider.
  • In the blue “cake slice” silicone cup I added some overly dry carrots that desperately needed to be be eaten up and two cherry tomatoes turned birthday balloons with our fun food picks from All Things For Sale.
  • Pink sauce cup with ranch for dipping.
  • Small silicone cup (hidden by the EasyLunchbox mini dipper lid) full of small Colby cheese chunks.
  • The mini dipper contains all natural strawberry go-gurt that I removed from the tube. I also added more sprinkles…. cause what’s a birthday without em’?
  • Baby grapes and apples in the third and final compartment of our Easylunchbox.



Tiny princess S (A’s friend) had a lunch consisting of all the same items. The only thing different was the sandwich. Her sandwich contained: Honey roasted turkey, mayonnaise, and mustard. (those are condiments that I NEVER get to pack for my picky princesses.) Since it wasn't  S’s birthday I decided to cut her sandwich using the cupcake from the same LunchPunch set. Of course I added sprinkles.  AND a mini pepperoni “cherry”.  Ugh! Those carrots look really awful. At least the girls didn’t complain. ♥


Last, but certainly not least…. Tiny princess K’s lunch! (Sometimes it can be really hard being the birthday girl’s sister) K’s lunch contained most of the same items as well. The few changes were as follows: Turkey and cheese sandwich cut with the cupcake LunchPunch, and her fruit side was a bit different too. She had raspberries instead of baby grapes with her apple slices. To be honest she doesn’t care for any of the 3 fruits I included. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, If I don’t continue to offer her these things she may never learn to enjoy them. She ate one apple slice, but that’s it. Babysteps.

All in all it was a lunchtime success! I even overheard tiny princess S tell Allison that she was going to ask her mom if they could pay me to make her lunches when school resumes in the fall! :)

The girls loved their lunches so much they even asked me to make some again today! ♥


Some things I used to make these lunches…


  1. I LOVE this!!! SO bright, cheery, and fun!! Thanks for all the great pics Jeana!

  2. Love these birthday lunches. Shared today! :)