Monday, July 29, 2013

Laptop Lunches for my tiny princesses (and friend)

If you remember, last Thursday my oldest tiny princess had a friend spend the night as part of her 10 year birthday celebration.  I made them all lunches in EasyLunchboxes. You can check the post out here. ♥ On Friday the asked me to make their lunches again! I was so excited. It feels really good to be packing lunch again.

Tiny princess A’s friend was pretty infatuated with our lunch box collection. She spent over an hour checking out each one, as well as all of the accessories we use to make lunch fun!  She asked if I would pretty please use the Laptop Lunchboxes. I did. :) Stay tuned, cause pretty soon I will be doing a Laptop Lunchbox review!

Tiny princess K’s lunch…

#LaptopLunches for my tiny princesses (and friend) Featureing #cutezcute garlic toast!

She had: Green beans with blue flower pick, four vanilla wafer cookies, bow tie pasta with pink kitty pick, pizza sauce with a bit of parmesan cheese on top for dipping, extra parmesan in the shooting star cup, all natural applesauce with sprinkles, two slices of garlic toast cut using our Cute-Z-Cute cutter from All Things For Sale, (the toast was a bit overdone so the slices were more like giant sized croutons, but the girls didn’t seem to care) colby cheese scraps underneath some cubed cuts, topped with a flower cutout and stem food pick.

Tiny princess S’s lunch…


S’s lunch contained the exact same items as K’s. Hold the sprinkles, a little change in picks, and instead of the kitty face from the Cute-Z-Cute cutter, she chose the pig. ♥

Tiny princess A’s lunch…


A’s lunch had a few more differences. She is not a fan of applesauce so we exchanged that with some all natural strawberry yogurt with a few berries on top. She is not much of a fruit eater, but she handles a few just to make her mama happy. A is not big on cheese either. She will eat it from time to time, but only when the mood strikes her. We switched out the cheese with some turkey rolls and added a flowerbed of picks to keep them together. She also decided on a different animal from the Cute-Z-Cute cutter. She chose the frog, so naturally we went with the frog food pick for her pasta. 


Some things I used to make these lunches…