Sunday, March 31, 2013

tiny princess headquarters… a look behind the scenes.

A little while ago I had some requests to do a blog post on “Where to begin, once you decide to start preparing lunches, Bento style!”  Now, I really have only been at this for about 6 months. There are sooooo many other ahhhhmazing bento bloggers out there that have been doing this much longer and have lots more experience than I do. Not that you really need to be skilled or anything, I’m just saying they may know the ropes more than I do. More experience with boxes, cutters, tools, ect. If you want to, take a look over on my left side bar. See where it says, “The best of the best”? I’m telling you, click on those buttons. You will find a wealth of valuable information. ♥

Of course everybody’s tastes are very different. What works for some, may not work for others. If you have clicked on some of the side bar links and are still itching for more (the tiny princess way) keep reading, cause I’m gonna give you a VIP backstage pass to a behind the scenes look of the tiny princess headquarters. (AKA my kitchen) :)

So, I know I could really get this all done in one post, BUT you know me, I like LOVE to talk, er, I mean, type. :) Since that’s the case I figured I would go ahead and make a whole blog series of “how I Bento”. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I’m going to star off a little backwards. Yesterday, I took the opportunity with some free time I had to organize my bento gears. Since it will more than likely not look this neat directly following the first, post organizing lunch, I decided it would be a great time to snap some pictures to show you just exactly, what we have in our cupboards. ♥

I won’t go into much detail here, other than just the basics of what is in each storage spot. A little later, when I continue the series I will explain my likes and dislikes of each box, tool, cutter, ect. I will also let you know what *I think* are MUST haves if you want to start this awesome addictive journey of making healthy lunch fun for your tiny royalty! ♥♥

Okay, are you ready?…….. Here we go!!!

This is my “main box” cupboard. It is actually the ONLY kitchen cupboard I use for bento stuffs. The other items are kept in rubbermaid type storage/drawer units in our dining room.


The rest of the goods. The top two containers are holiday and special occasion cutters.


Top drawer of the left storage unit. This contains a few lidded inner containers that belong with various boxes that we own, food picks/skewers, LunchBox Love notes, and eating utensils.


Middle drawer left unit. This one has sauce/dip containers, silicone cups, and few random containers I picked up at Target in their Easter section. :)


Bottom drawer left unit. This contains any and all boxes that would not fit in my kitchen cupboard as well as my EasyLunchbox mini dippers an Laptop Lunches inner containers.


Top drawer right unit. This has basic shape cutters, some LunchPunch sandwich cutters, my Cute-Z-Cute cutter, and a couple of bread stamps.


Middle drawer right unit has alphabet and number cutters as well as some more LunchPunch cutters and some random sandwich cutters.


Bottom drawer right unit. This one holds my egg molds, some silicone ice cube trays, (I use them for freezing yogurt) lots of fun bread stamps, and both FunBites food cutters.


Whew! And that’s a wrap! I hope I didn’t scare you away with my little obsession. Be careful… it might suck you in! ♥♥♥




  1. wooo!! im impressed with your bento tools collection!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm curious to know which containers are located in your cupboard, second row to the left (just under your thermos funtainers). There are 3 of them, purple, dark pink and pale pink. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for reading, Anie! ♥

      Those are Laptop Lunch boxes. You can find them by clicking the link on my right side bar. It is the second add down and says "Cool fun lunches"

      They are a really fun box! I will be doing a Laptop review very soon if you would like to know a little more about them.

  3. whahahah! WONDERFUL!
    We ( thaught we were "the only ones" with
    an obsession for boxes!

    Your stash is larger 'tough!

    Lots of bento love from Holland!

    *** HAVE A HAPPY BENTO DAY !!! ***

  4. Wow!

    And here we ( thaught we were the only ones with such an obsession for boxes! The cupboard in your photograph is very similar to mine! And the cupboard with drawers! Same! XD

    But, I must admit, your stash is a lot larger!

    Bento greetings from Holland!

    *** HAVE A HAPPY BENTO DAY !!! ***