Thursday, March 28, 2013

A lunch of EGG-cellent proportion!


Not too long ago one of my super sweet readers left me a link on my facebook page for this EGG-cellent idea!

How incredibly cute and clever!! When I saw it I knew I HAD to try it out for my girls! What a perfect fun lunch to enjoy on the last day of school before the spring break vacation!


I mean seriously…. does it really get much more festive then that?!?! Super adorable, right? ♥

Each tiny princess has the same items (except for the sandwich fillings) carefully arranged in their own (thoroughly) washed carton of (thoroughly) washed plastic Easter Eggs.


Each egg carton contains…. three eggs filled with bite sized sandwich pieces cut using our FunBites Cube It. Tiny princess A had Nutella filling and tiny princess K had PB&J. The other eggs contained a few carrots, a sauce cup with ranch dip, some clementine orange slices, oyster crackers, a couple of squares of grape fruit leather, Jelly Beans for good measure and some all natural trix yogurt. I made sure that I tested the yogurt in the egg first. I assure you that the plastic egg that contains the yogurt has no holes and seals well enough that no yogurt will escape. I also threw in a few fun bunny and carrot food picks for some cute Easter flair! ♥


I originally planned on making this an “at home” lunch, but when I realized how well the egg cartons fit in our PlanetBox lunch bags, I couldn’t resist sending them off to school! How fun!


I wish I could be at school today to see their sweet faces when they realize that these are in fact, NOT a PlanetBox lunch! ♥♥♥


Thanks so much to Ginger for leading me to this awesome idea! I always try to give credit where credit is do, so I decided to do a search to find a few of the different places you can find this idea. I’m unsure of where it originated, but below are some links I was able to find. If you too, have done this Egg-cellent lunch please feel free to let me know and I will include your link with this list. ♥



Some things I used to make these lunches…