Friday, March 22, 2013

Breakfast on a stick with EasyLunchboxes… and a shake test!


Wow! It sure feels good to blog again. I’m still on an internet hiatus, but tonight I was able to grab a few minutes at McDonalds to use their wifi!

Last night we had breakfast for dinner. My tiny princesses LOVE breakfast food.  Morning, noon, and night! Put it on a stick and it makes the PERFECT school lunch!

Since I had some extra time last night, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to do an EasyLunchbox shake test! ♥

Here is tiny princess K’s lunch before our vigorous shake!


Both girls lunches included basically the same items. The large compartment of our EasyLunchbox contained…. Homemade mini pancakes and fruit skewered on a long butterfly pick. K had strawberries as her fruit with one lone blueberry, and A had all blueberries with no strawberries. The flower silicone cup holds a smaller round lidded container that came with our Sistema lunchboxes. K’s container has syrup and A’s has whipped cream, bot topped with flower blossom sprinkles. I picked up the cute little ladybug containers from Target in their Easter section. They came pre-filled with candy, but I emptied the candy out of these ones and added some yummy sunflower seeds. ♥

The upper right compartment has a small container of all natural Trix yogurt and 2 small graham crackers that the girls can use to crush up as a yogurt topping.

The bottom right compartment consists of scrambled eggs with a few sweet peppers mixed in. (both girls gobbled up their eggs at dinner and agreed that sneaking some peppers in their eggs was a great idea!) I added a few small pieces of bacon around the eggs and threw in a flower pick to sort of tie in the spring theme. ♥

Okay, now what you all have been waiting for…… how did this adorable lunch look after the tiny princess shake test? Keep reading to find out.

Here is A’s lunch pre-shake….


Just like in our previous shake tests we put our EasyLunchboxes through the ringer! We shook it left, we shook it right, we shook it up, we shook it down. We even played a fun game of catch with it! Surely all that shaking made this lunch look a mess, but I beg to differ this lunch stayed put! Hardly any shifting at all. Don’t believe me? Just look for yourself…..


See?!?! I told you so! Everything stayed nice and neat! I find that that placing food on skewers or picks whenever possible really helps things stay put. The little ladybug only moved around a bit and even the sprinkles in A’s whipped cream remained on the surface! Our eggs stayed nice and not one piece of bacon strayed out of it’s space. This was definitely our best shake test yet!!

Tiny princess K’s lunch still looked great too! ♥ Her sprinkles got a bit mixed in with the syrup, but we knew that would happen, so no worries! Her bacon also shifted a bit more than A’s, but we think it still looks cute!  One thing I should mention is that EasyLunchboxes are not leak proof, (on purpose so the lids can be removed by little hands) so  you plan to pack yogurt or something equally “leak-ish” make sure you add it to a leak proof container first. I usually use the EasyLunchbox mini dippers, but since I already used the bigger compartment for the eggs I had to go with a different container that would fit. ♥


So there you have it! Another tplb shake test success! And I have to say I think it’s our best one yet! ♥




Some things I used to make these lunches…


  1. Those mini pancake and fruit skewers are the MOST darling thing I've about ever seen in an ELB!!! <3

  2. Awwwww! Thanks, Karen! I do have to admit.... I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was spooning the tiny drops of batter onto the hot griddle. :)

  3. Love this! The pancakes on a stick look awesome! I might have to do that :)

    1. Thanks, Michelle! They were so fun to do! And yummy too! You must try it!

  4. Fantastic proof! Shake does not spell disaster. Love this Jeana!!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! This really was my favorite one yet! I adore the size of your ELBs! They hold more than enough food for my girls as well as my husband and I, but they are still just the right size that I don't struggle to pack it full! Love! Love! Love! These lunch boxes!!!!!!

  5. Love the mini pancakes on a stick! Thanks for linking up to my Something On A Stick Day Linky

    1. Thank you Cristi!! And thanks for hosting the linky!