Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Eat Your Heart Out!! & a shake test!

I’m not sure why, but for some reason I forgot all about purchasing any fun Valentine supplies to make our Valentine lunches fun! Luckily I do have some basic heart cookie cutters and my sweet husband picked up some cute ♥ day sprinkles to spruce up a few lunches!

By now, we all know that Wednesday is chicken sandwich day at school. I knew that full well when creating, what I thought would be today’s lunches. I thought, maybe, just maybe, I could totally WOW my tiny princesses with fun lunches and new boxes to make them say NO to hot lunch at school. I was wrong. Even my lunch box charm couldn’t pursued them in “bring your own lunch” direction. Oh well, they decided on eating them for dinner last night instead!

Tiny princess A’s meal was packed in our brand new LunchBots trio! This is of course my first lunch in a LunchBots, but I think I’m really going to love packing in these!


Here is what she had…

  • chunked colby jack cheese
  • hot dog on a heat pick (Now, we aren’t normally much of a hot dog family. Not for any reason other than that I think they taste yucky! :p I think that as parents we tend to try to force our like and dislike on our kids. Am I right? My girls really like hot dogs so when I saw this idea of slicing the hot dog ends just right to form a heart, it reminded me that just because I don’t like something, doesn’t mean my princesses cant! ♥)
  • grape tomatoes on triple heart pick
  • all natural trix yogurt with sprinkles
  • a few sweet pepper rings in the yellow silicone cup
  • the red heart cup hold s’mores mix (hold the chocolate because we didn’t have any)
  • filling in the spaces of the top left compartment is a few clementine orange slices and a yellow sauce cup that hold BBQ sauce for hot dog dipping

Tiny princess K’s meal was packed in our pink Yubo lunch box and is the reasoning behind today’s blog post title.


Here is what she had…

  • nutella fairy bread sandwich with letter picks spelling “Eat Your Heart Out” Make your own fairy bread by cutting a shape out of your top piece of bread and adding sprinkles to the middle. So fun and so yummy!
  • heart shaped colby cheese in pink silicone cup cut using FunBites Luv It
  • watermelon hearts in Goodbyn sauce cup
  • sweet pepper rings in flower silicone cup
  • all natural trix yogurt
  • orange cutie I cut a slice in the top of the orange to aid in peeling and to add the fun cupcake ring
  • I also included some LunchBox Love


I decided since this lunch was a little more complex it would be the perfect opportunity for a Yubo shake test. Following the same pattern as before, we shook K’s pink Yubo, inside, outside, and upside down. Again, we even played a fun game of catch with it! :)

When we opened up the top lid and all inside lids here is what we found…


Tiny princess K and I were quite pleased with the results of this shake test. As you can see, a few of the inside containers shifted a bit, as well as the cheese in the pink silicone cup. The yogurt also got all discombobulated and the sprinkles dissolved quite a bit. This problem could totally be eliminated by using this idea from Molly’s Lunch Box, of including sprinkles in a small a lidded container or sauce cup so that your kiddos can add the sprinkles in themselves. The sandwich seems to have stayed intact really well and not even one of the sprinkles fell off at all!

♥♥♥ Tiny princess K gives the Yubo shake test 5/5 crowns! ♥♥♥


She is such a goof ball!


Now I want to hear from you….. Which lunch box would you like to see the shake test done in next? Leave a comment to let me know!



Some things I used to make these meals


  1. Love both lunches, so pretty!

  2. You made the hot dog heart! I love it :D I'm going to make one tonight for tomorrows lunch :) Hopefully it looks as AMAZING as yours :D

    1. Thanks, Karolyn! You will never believe me, but right before I clicked over to my email I was checking out your lunch full of hearts! Too funny! I'll bet your hot dog heart will be fantastic! I really don't think mine turned out that great. lol!