Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sub zero temps outside, but it’s a hot summer day in our EasyLunchboxes!

When my tiny princesses came to me yesterday afternoon with this awesome idea for a lunch, we had no idea that school would be canceled due to the cold temps, but hey, we went with it! Plus it made for a fun blog post title!

My girls have had this idea in their heads for quite some time now, and I really wanted to save it for beach day at school, but they couldn’t contain themselves any longer, so I decided to give in and bring their idea to life!

Here is tiny princesses A’s lunch packed in an ever awesome EasyLunchbox


She had….
  • 2 bagel halves stacked
  • grapes
  • teddy grahams
  • maple yogurt with a hint of blue food coloring
  • carrots
  • beach ball and shell molded trix yogurt. Tiny princess A asks for trix yogurt all the time! I’ve always told her no. Even though we have not eliminated artificial colors and flavors all together, we do try to limit them quite a bit. I have always just assumed that trix yogurt was filled with added unnecessary ingredients.  Guess what? While reading a recent blog post from Cristi of Bent On Better Lunches I learned that I was completely wrong. Trix yogurt is colored and flavored with natural fruits and vegetables.! A was so excited when she got home from grandmas and saw this yogurt in the fridge!
  • BBQ chicken
  • ritz crackers
Per her request here are somethings we did to make this lunch special…
In order to make the PlanetBox little dipper fit snugly inside the stacked bagels, we used it as a cookie cutter first to create a bigger holes in the bagels. We colored the maple yogurt with a bit of blue coloring to create the “pool”.  Each bagel has cream cheese spread and the top bagel is sprinkled with some crushed graham crackers to make a “beach”. So fun! ♥ She was very particular about what picks we used to create the summer scene. There is a little girl as well as a teddy graham having fun in the pool. She thought the flower food picks resembled life preservers quite a bit, so we added lots of them all around. The pink swirl candy pick became a beach ball and she was super excited when I suggested putting a “grape tree” on her beach. We also added some colorful silicone cups to keep food separated, and used a fun sauce cup to hold ranch for carrot dipping.

I wish I got a better photo of this, but I started to really loose light and my focus was off. At the last minute tiny princess A decided to look for a Lunchbox Love Note to put in her lunch. She found the perfect one…. as long as she added a porcupine to her pool! ♥


Tiny princess K’s lunch is much the same except she has no carrots and we swapped pineapple instead of grapes for her. Her yogurt molds are also different. She got a fish and a palm tree.


By the time I got to K’s lunch we were completely out of natural light. The photo quality really shows this.

A couple of funny things to mention about tiny princess K’s lunch. She is VERY definite with all of her decisions. Once she gets something in her head she rarely changes her mind. I tried really hard to get her to allow me to add just ONE grape for her tree. She wasn’t having it, and insisted I do a “pineapple tree” for her instead. I had to giggle silently, cause I’m pretty sure it resembles a lamp shade more than a tree. :) Oh well! Her lunch, her rules! Also, when we discovered this Lunchbox Love note she was very adamant that her swans remained on the  beach and stayed out out of the pool. Her bear was relaxing in a tube and apparently wanted a “splash free zone” ♥

In order to make these lunches school ready we had to do a little rearranging and all the swimmers needed to come out of the pool so we could put the “covers” on. Nobody likes a soggy bear! The girls were okay with this as long as I included extra teddy grahams so they could play with their food at school! Little did we know there wouldn’t be any school today anyway. :)


This photo also shows the other side of the Lunchbox Love Note. ♥

Some things we used to make these lunches…

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  1. Love the idea, so creative! I love the details, especially the "sand" and the grape tree!