Wednesday, January 16, 2013

EasyLunchboxes in tiny princess colors!

I’ll admit it’s been kind of “lunch quiet” around here this week. I only made lunch on Monday. That’s it. My tiny princesses decided on hot school lunch for Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday are both half days. I still plan to make them lunches on Thursday and Friday, but in the meantime I still have quite a few un-published lunches to fall back on. ♥♥

Just when I thought we couldn’t love our EasyLunchboxes anymore, they’ve done it again! We are just completely smitten with the new “Brights” color option! I’m mean, who doesn’t like, purple, pink, yellow, and teal? These new lids definitely earn the tiny princess stamp of approval!
The following picture only shows 3 of the fabulous 4 colors, but don’t worry, there will be plenty more ELB lunches where these came from!  ♥


So, you wannna know what’s in em’? Well, I can only share 2 of them. The other one will have wait til’ Friday, as it will be featured in my Funbites review and giveaway!
Since tonight is a dance night I figured I would pull these late dance night meals out of the vault from last week. It’s a familiar favorite with a new “twist”


What in this lunch er, dinner….
  • garden vegetable pasta twists
  • EasyLunchbox mini dipper with pasta sauce
  • skewered fruit sancks
  • homemade garlic toast
  • small container of shredded parmesan cheese
  • brown cow maple yogurt
  • animal crackers

Some things I did/added to these meals to make them special
  • sprinkles in yogurt add great color and fun flair
  • fun shaped and colorful silicone cups are great for keeping food separated
  • adding finger foods to food picks keeps them in place and make them fun to eat
  • small containers with lids that “click” are great for adding condiments and other things you couldn’t normally pack loosely in a lunch box

some things I used to make these meals

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