Monday, January 14, 2013

My first lunches of 2013 and some exciting giveway news!

I know, I know! We are already well into the first month of 2013. So why am I just now sharing these lunches?

Because today’s lunches will be part of a special review and  a GIVEAWAY post! That’s right! I’m having my very first giveaway, which will kick off on Friday of this week! What’s it for you ask? Why, it’s none other than the super fun, often used in tiny princess lunch boxes,  Funbites sandwich/food cutters! YAY! So stay tuned you won’t want to miss it!

These lunches were not school lunches. They were home lunches. I get A LOT of questions from homeschool mamas about whether or not this type of lunch making is something they can still do? My answer to that is ABSOLUTELY!! In some ways I think it’s even better. Your lunches will always stay upright, meaning your cute little touches will always stay neat and tidy! ♥
So, here’s what we had for lunch….


Both girls had……
  • turkey/cheese sandwich (hold the cheese for A)
  • bbq potato chips
  • hard cooked egg star and (sort of) heart
  • string cheese cubed
  • brown cow maple yogurt
  • half of a peanut butter/chocolate wafer bar
  • corn with lots of pepper
  • packed in our fabulous EasyLunchboxes

Some things I did to make this lunch special….
  • cut sandwiches using a super fun cutting tool called the CuteZcute! available at all things for sale
  • sprinkles in yogurt adds a fun flair
  • add cute food picks to aid in eating finger type foods
  • silicone cups are great for adding color and keeping foods separated
  • egg molds (when used correctly *note my heart*) add fabulous shape and character

want to make a lunch like this? Click the links to purchase  the same or similar items! ♥

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  1. Hey Jeana! I am enjoying your new post of 2013! I just posted my first of the year too! As usual your lunches look fabulous! I am really enjoying the format. :)