Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Build Your Own Taco Tuesday

These lunches were not from today. In fact, they aren’t even lunches at all. They were dinners and even though they are not from today  (Tuesday), they were from Tuesday last week. I thought the title was very fitting. ;) (and I didn’t even plan it that way)

If you’re memory serves you correctly you will remember that last week my tiny princesses had their 1 week summer dance intensive. After dance we had to run straight to cheer practice, meaning there was no time for dinner in-between. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to brush up on my packed lunch, er, dinner making skills!

Karsyn didn’t really need a packed dinner, but she really likes eating her meals this way so I was happy to oblige. ♥ She chose our GoGreen lunchbox and I’m pretty glad she did. We haven’t used this one in so long!


She had: Two white corn hard taco shells, strawberries, seasoned taco meat, shredded colby cheese, soft taco shell cutouts to aid in keeping the meat and cheese in it’s place, diced cherry tomatoes with fresh cilantro, Velveeta shells and cheese with Rotel tomatoes, and a cute little mini strawberry muffin. ♥ The diced tomatoes were an experiment for K. She didn’t love them, but she did have one tomato slice on each of her tacos. :D


Allison’s dinner was packed in our PlanetBox Launch. She had: Shells and cheese with rotel tomatoes, a mini strawberry muffin, shredded colby cheese, seasoned taco meat, three whole cherry tomatoes, one yellow corn hard taco shell, and one soft flour tortilla taco shell. I also included some Taco Bell mild sauce. A LOVES her some Taco Bell sauce! ♥

Some things (or similar) I used to make these meals…

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