Monday, August 19, 2013

EasyLunchboxes go to the tractor show!

Yesterday my husband and I took the tiny princesses (and friend) on our annual summer trip to the Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractor Show. Hey, who says you have to be a boy to appreciate a tractor?!?! My tiny princesses LOVE them and I must say, I LOVE seeing them in their PINK cowgirl boots! ♥♥ As usual, there was a great time had by all, but this year we did something a little different….. Can you guess what that difference was?

EasyLunchboxes and tiny princess lunch box go to the tractor show! #tractorlunch #EasyLunchboxes #schoollunchideas

If you guessed that we avoided the expense and unhealthiness of all of the “county fair” type vendor foods, by packing our own nutritious and delicious meals…. then you guess correctly!  That’s right! I loaded up some ELB’s and we headed on our way.

For some reason I haven’t acquired any tractor cookie cutters, or fun tractor food picks. This made my girls super sad. :( I tried my best though, in keeping with the tractor theme by adding in a few farm animals and those famous tractor colors we all know and love!

And don’t worry, the princesses weren’t completely deprived of that “county fair flavor”


Yup! You saw it right. Your eyes are not deceiving you. COTTON CANDY GRAPES! Now, I’m pretty sure I might like cotton candy more than your average human. The sweet sugar spun treat brings back memories of childhood fairs. I literally take a bite, close my eyes, and I’m there! ♥ I don’t eat cotton candy nearly as much as I would like to, so when a fellow bento blogger brought these Cotton Candy Grapes from The Grapery to my attention I knew I had locate them. I scoured the interwebs and during my search I founds some great useful information….. One of them being that these grapes are in fact all NATURAL! No joke. No GMO! It was right then and there that it became my mission to find a place to purchase these unique grapes somewhere near my hometown. I searched and searched and called and called with no luck. Finally I stumbled upon Hiller’s Market in Northville, MI. This store is actually over an hour away from my home, but it just so happens that we have family that live in Northville and my girls happened to be visiting with their grandma who took them out for trip to their cousin’s house to swim! Let me tell you…. the choirs sang! I was SOOO excited, I couldn’t wait for my tiny princesses to get home so I could try them! Guess what? I tried them and they are divine! They taste and smell just like pink fluffy cotton candy! I was in cotton candy grapey heaven! When you first bite into the grape you immediately get a rush of cotton candy flavor, then is sort of switches over to a normal, less tart, grape flavor. After you swallow the familiar vanilla-ey cotton candy flavor returns. I’m drooling just thinking about it, and that’s a bad thing….. cause they are all gone. Whaaaaaa! :( No worries hopefully my husband will be going to Hillers after work today (he works out that way) to get me some more. I have heard of these cotton candy grapes costing up to $6.00/lbs. Which is pretty expensive, but to me would be so worth a special treat now and then! Luckily for us Hillers sells them at $2.99/lbs. That just means I get to buy more! ♥♥ 

Okay, okay. enough about grapes. You all came for the lunches, right? Since I’ve already talked your ears off typed your eyes off, I’ll try to keep this short!


The girls pretty much all had the same items with only minor differences.


The large compartment of our EasyLunchboxes held: Flower cut turkey sandwiches (with different condiments) stamped with a cute frog bread stamp, a few extra sandwich pieces cut using our FunBites Cube it and rolled in sugar sprinkles, carrots with ranch for dipping, homemade cheese crackers, just cotton candy grapes for A, only strawberries for k since she doesn’t like grapes (even cotton candy ones), and a mix of both fruits for A’s friend S.


The two smaller ELB compartments each held: A homemade strawberry muffin, yogurt for A, and applesauce for K and S in our EasyLunchbox mini dippers. ♥

Some things (or similar) I used to make these lunches…


  1. So wait, where's the pic of the cute pink cowgirl boots?? Yep - those would be reason enough to go to a tractor show ;) This is such a sweet post. Wonderful lunches!

    1. Thanks, Kelly! We had a great time and packing ELBs was a great choice!
      p.s. I emailed you a pic with my girls in their boots! :)

  2. Yummy looking lunches! And yay for pink cowgirl boots :D