Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Yup! They really eat em’!

A little while back I received a blog post comment asking if my tiny princesses “actually eat the peppers” that I put in their lunch boxes.

My tiny princesses are DEFINITELY picky little humans! It has been a real struggle finding fruits and vegetables that they don’t mind consuming. So, you want the down-low on the peppers? The truth is, yes! They really do eat them. I promise you I am not just putting them in the lunch box for blog/picture purposes. ♥

Some of their favorite ways to eat these cute little sweet peppers include…. diced and mixed in with scrambled eggs, dipped in ANY type of creamy dip (Dill Dip is our current dip of choice),  and as sticks spread with cream cheese!

Over the summer I shared a couple of meals that I made for A’s friend S. S LOVES when I make her bento meals. So much in fact, that she ever so sweetly asked me if I could sometimes make her a lunch for school. Since A and S ended up in the same class this year, I decided that making a 3rd tiny princess lunch every now and then would be fun! Guess what? My tiny princesses aren’t the only ones who like to eat the peppers…… A’s friend S loves them too!  They were a special request for the first lunch that I made her. ♥

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Tiny Princesses LOVE peppers!

All 3 princesses had the same meal, except A got yogurt instead of applesauce. She likes apples, but I still can’t get her to eat applesauce no matter what I do.

Tiny Princesses LOVE peppers!

Here is what they had packed in their EasyLunchboxes…

  • Penne pasta with one half of a cherry tomato. I knew that A and S would eat their tomatoes, but K’s was in there just to see if she would try it. In case you are wondering…. it came home with the lunch box. ;)
  • Meatless pasta sauce for dipping
  • 2 mini bell pepper shaped bread and butter sandwiches. The sauce cup that is hiding behind the sandwiches contains dill dip for veggie dipping
  • A flowery mix of cucumbers, carrots, and bell pepper rings
  • S’mores trail mix
  • Yogurt for A and applesauce for the other sweet girls

Tiny Princesses LOVE peppers!

smaller inner leak proof containers are a MUST have for Bento making. They are great for any messy items that may “ruin” the rest of the meal.

Tiny Princesses LOVE peppers!

Each princess also received a Lunchbox Love note from sayplease.com. The above card was for A’s friend. I LOVE that the Lunchbox Love sets include blank cards. It was perfect for personalizing S’s lunch. In case you are wondering why it says “Coach Jeana”… It is because I help out by coaching A and S’s little league cheer team. ♥♥

One of the the many great qualities I find of packing in EasyLunchboxes are the insulated lunch bags that were made for them. I find it especially nice when packing an extra lunch for Allison’s friend. It’s really fantastic to be able to put both of the lunches in one cooler bag making it super easy for Allison to carry to school and to bring bag home. Add in an ice pack and some juice boxes and she’s good to go!


Some things (or similar) I used to make these lunches…


  1. My daughter loves peppers too. I can't keep enough in the refrigerator for her.

  2. These lunches look great Jeana! I love them! My little monkey doesn't like the peppers! I wish she would. Lol. they're so pretty. I think it's sweet you occasionally pack a lunch for her friend! I bet she really enjoys it. :)