Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pretty Bagel!

Last night tiny princess A helped pack her lunch for today. I didn't originally plan to have her help, but when she told me she wanted a bagel, I told her bagels were boring, and I was tired of trying to think of ways to make a bagel "pretty". Her exact words were.... "Go away, mom. I've got this!" I left the kitchen and let her do her thing. This is what I came back to....I'm not sure if it was brilliant, or just lazy? What do you think? ♥


Today was chicken sandwich day at school, and though I’ve been trying, I haven’t yet succeeded in getting both princesses to skip it. Just A had a packed lunch today and it was simple!
Along with her “Pretty Bagel” she had some clementine orange slices, cut grapes, a homemade drinkable yogurt (made with real strawberries! YUM!), a few wheat pretzels twists, carrots, and ranch for dipping. ♥ Packed in a Goodbyn Bynto!


Some things we used to make this lunch…

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